Luxo ESD-Safe Magnifiers: 3 Standout Elements

by Michelle S. on September 3, 2014

Designed to safeguard against uncontrolled static dissipation in sensitive environments, Luxo ESD-safe magnifiers are essential to many inspection and assembly applications. But what are Luxo’s advantages over the competition?

  1. Finished with a metal laced, static dissipative paint, the body and other metal components of Luxo ESD-safe magnifiers are no longer insulative.
  2. Protected with a static dissipative coating, the outer surface ensures that any charge under 50 volts is uniformly dispersed throughout the magnifier’s surface.
  3. Anti-reflective glass lenses, designed to dissipate glare from overhead lighting, support an ergonomic design that eliminates unnecessary bending and operator strain.

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