Texwipe AlphaMop: 7 Steps to a Cleaner Cleanroom

by Michelle S. on September 5, 2014

Engineered specifically for cleanroom production environments, the AlphaMop by Texwipe is an essential for manufacturing applications requiring low particle, extractable and ionic contamination. Learn to use it correctly – simply follow the seven steps below to ensure a cleaner cleanroom.

  1. Wet the mop cover with an appropriate solvent, or use a pre-wetted mop cover.
  2. Slip the cover over the mop.
  3. Clean walls from top to bottom, moving from clean, dry spaces to dirty areas in overlapping strokes. The cover should be changed at least every 25 wipes, or more if the wall is dirty.
  4. Clean floors in small rectangular sections, moving from clean, dry areas to dirty areas. Linear, overlapping strokes will minimize recontamination, and the mop cover should be replaced once every 100 square feet. Doorways and high-traffic areas should be attended to last.
  5. Always use a damp mop for more effective contamination removal.
  6. Dispose of dirty mop covers in an appropriate bag.
  7. Follow the proper site protocol procedures for safety and contamination.

With AlphaMops, maintaining an ultraclean manufacturing facility has never been so simple. Browse the complete line and other Texwipe cleanroom solutions at All-Spec, and save money while you shop.

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