5 Ways to Apply Conformal Coatings: Which Is Best for You?

by Michelle S. on November 7, 2014

You’ve done your research, read our recent blog entry, and discovered the perfect conformal coating. But how much do you know about application? Read on to learn more about the five best ways to apply conformal coating, and determine which is right for you.

  1. Dip – With proper masking, this option provides full coverage to both sides of a board to deliver reliable, repeatable results.
  2. Atomized Spray – Similar to automotive painting for high-volume applications, atomizer sprays must be carefully controlled to prevent shadows or open areas.
  3. Selective Spray System – Computer controlled for maximum precision, these systems eliminate masking requirements while ensuring definition and accuracy.
  4. Aerosol – Typically used in rework, repair, or small production applications, aerosol coatings must match the original coating and generally require masking efforts.
  5. Touch-Up Brush or Pen – For spot coating and low volume work, the quality of this method is entirely dependent on the patience and skill of the user.

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