Take It Off: 5 Ways to Remove Conformal Coatings

by Michelle S. on December 5, 2014

With the help of our recent blog postings, you’ve discovered the perfect conformal coating type and method of application. But have you considered the removal process? When it’s time to take it off, use the list below to learn more about the perfect method of conformal coating removal for your application.

  1. Solvent – Although each coating reacts differently, most are susceptible to solvent removal. Acrylics are the most sensitive, with epoxies, urethanes and silicones coming in last.
  2. Peeling – A common form of removal for silicone and other flexible conformal coatings, peeling is often a quick and easy method for a range of applications.
  3. Thermal/Burn-Through – This method simply employs a soldering iron to burn through the conformal coating and works well with most coating types.
  4. Microblasting – With a mix of soft abrasives and compressed air, microblasting is often used to remove small areas of coating by simply abrading it away.
  5. Grinding/Scraping – Another method of abrading, grinding or scraping is most effective with harder coatings and is generally used as a method of last resort.


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