Alpha Customers Take Advantage of Dip in U.S. Tin Prices

by Andy on February 18, 2015

Recent U.S. tin prices have made it an opportune time to buy solder wire in bulk, especially for major production and electronics manufacturing environments.

Solder manufacturers such as Alpha–known for its advanced solder wire technology–adjust their prices throughout the year based on the fluctuation of tin costs.

Currently, the price of tin per pound is at its lowest point since 2010. And while demand may be in decline and customers appreciate the lowered costs, it may be unlikely to last–similar to the recent, lowered gas prices.

Yet, at the moment, Alpha distributors and customers alike are able to take advantage of this temporary decline in the cost of tin.

Overall tin prices have climbed significantly since the early 2000s, when the average pound was approximately $2. During 2011, it reached a peak of nearly $15. And since late 2013, the price has steadily declined from approximately $11 to where it stands today at $8.

The low costs of Alpha solder wire at All-Spec is just one example of the effect of tin price on solder wire.

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