Stick It Out: 5 Reasons to Love Loctite QuickStix™

by Michelle S. on February 9, 2015

Accessorize your workspace with convenient and portable QuickStix from Loctite, and you’ll wonder how you lived without this wax-like, self-feeding stick applicator. Ideal for applications where a liquid lubricant could equate to mess and spills, QuickStix offer quick, even coverage for your toughest tasks.

Read on to discover why QuickStix will quickly become indispensable in your workplace – then find your perfect option here, at lower prices every day.

  1. Compact and pocket-sized to conveniently go anywhere
  2. Fast and easy to apply to keep workspace clean
  3. Semi-solid formula eliminates leaks, drips and spills
  4. Great for difficult applications such as overhead use
  5. Color coding ensures quick and easy identification

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