Alpha Cleanline 7000: Your Hand Soldering Essential

by Michelle S. on March 11, 2015

The perfect no-clean solution for a range of hand soldering tasks, Alpha® Cleanline 7000 was specially engineered to tackle even the most demanding applications. A low residue flux core wire solder, Cleanline 7000 features an innovative blend of resin and proprietary non-halide activators to deliver rapid wetting and minimal levels of clear, non-corrosive residue which can easily be cleaned with hot water. It’s no wonder Cleanline 7000 is one of Alpha’s most popular solder wires.

Alpha’s innovative products and materials have made them our first choice in soldering – make them your go-to brand as well. Shop the complete Alpha portfolio at All-Spec and enjoy exclusive pricing on Cleanline 7000 products and other soldering essentials.

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