3 Preset Reasons to Try the New Weller ESD-Safe, Single-Channel Soldering Station

by Julie S. on June 12, 2015

ESD-Safe Single Channel Digital Soldering StationChannel surfers, tune in to your favorite preset stations with the new Weller ESD-Safe, Single-Channel, Digital Soldering Station. It won’t play music, but you can program three preset buttons to your favorite temperatures. Just pick your temp of choice, press and hold a button, and voilà!

With the WD1003, you can preset a button to your favorite idle temperature if you want—saving tip life and power—before the station automatically activates it. This station’s temperature lockout and automatic power down features keep you in control.

It even offers a large, high-contrast LCD display, so you can quickly and easily scan all of your critical information.

The WD1003 comes with a solder pencil, power supply and an adjustable-tilt stand.

For the convenience you need and the brand you know and trust, choose the Weller WD1003. You might not even miss those other preset buttons.

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