It’s No Small Task: How to Grab the Best Tweezers with Extreme Precision

by Julie S. on June 26, 2015

tweezer guideIf grabbing and gripping make you grimace and groan, you might need new tweezers. Your tweezers or forceps should function as an extension of your fingers, so you can quickly and easily pick up and manipulate small and delicate items. Suspect yours are out of whack? Realigning is difficult—if not impossible. Your best bet? Consider a variety of high-quality, precision tip styles and shapes for a variety of applications.

Tweezer material is another big decision you’ll need to make for your small tasks. The two most common materials are stainless steel and stainless anti-magnetic, anti-acid—easily identifiable by either an “S” or an “SA,” respectively.

Generally speaking, SAs are more rust and corrosion resistant but softer. S material tips are typically 20 points harder on the Rockwell C scale than SA tips.

Need help selecting the right tweezers for your task? Simplify the process with our no-fuss selection guide, and put an end to the griping with your gripping.

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