New Gamma-Irradiated TexQ Disinfectant Reveals the Simple Truth

by Julie S. on June 22, 2015

TexQ is Now Gamma IrradiatedSometimes less is more. But not when it comes to your cleanroom! The more microorganisms you can kill the better. TexQ Disinfectant from Texwipe is now gamma-irradiated, so you can protect against more bacteria, viruses and fungi at All-Spec’s same, low price.

Actually, TexQ Disinfectant boasts 61 kill claims, but who’s counting? It also stops the growth of mold and mildew and their odors.

This one-step cleaner and disinfectant complies with GMP and FDA sterilization requirements and is completely validated for sterility. Whether you choose ready-to-use or concentrate, it only requires a single qualification for TX650 and TX651. TexQ is EPA-registered and comes with a functional use label to record the date opened and operator initials.

And, it’s double-bagged for easy introduction into your critical environment. When more is more, trust TexQ. That’s just plain and simple.

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