Why Metro’s New ESD-Safe Duster Kicks the Can

by Julie S. on June 29, 2015

ED-500-ESD Electric DusterIf you’re looking for a standard, “canned” solution to your anti-static dusting needs, you’ve come to the wrong place. Skip the canned-air controversy, and consider a new, greener, ESD-safe option that’s also affordable.

Metropolitan’s DataVac® ESD-Safe Electric Duster contains no dangerous propellants. This complete, anti-static dusting system boasts a powerful, 500-watt, .75-HP motor that blasts away deep-down dust, dirt and debris, yet it’s safe for use on sensitive components. The anti-static wrist strap prevents the buildup of static electricity that can discharge and seriously damage your sensitive equipment. And, it comes with a complete range of static-dissipating attachments designed for every conceivable office and IT equipment-cleaning application.

The ED-500ESD is made entirely from steel and is available in 110- and 220-volt models. For a greener, ESD-safe duster, kick the can to the curb.

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