How to Be Well-Grounded and Keep Both Feet on the Floor

by Julie S. on July 6, 2015

How to Be Well-Grounded and Keep Both Feet on the FloorDo you have both feet on the ground? If you’re wearing 1-meg heel grounders, you may not be as grounded as you think.

UL and OSHA recommend a minimum of 1 megohm resistance to ground (RTG) to ensure the flowing current will be within safe levels. With both feet on the ground, your 1-meg heel grounders yield an RTG of ½ megohm, not 1 megohm.

How can you be UL and OSHA compliant at all times? Consider the following chart:

1-Meg Heel Grounder(s) 2-Meg Heel Grounder(s)
1 Foot on the Floor RTG = 1 RTG = 2
2 Feet on the Floor RTG = 1/2 RTG = 1


All-Spec carries an assortment of heel grounders for complete path-to-ground protection. While the size of the built-in resistor depends on the standards of your specific operation, wearing two, 2-meg heel grounders means you’ll be sufficiently protected—and well-grounded—no matter what.

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