What Will You Do with Two Untethered Hands?

by Julie S. on July 10, 2015

What Will You Do with Two Untethered HandsWhen it comes to protecting your static-sensitive devices, you could: A) protect them while wearing a wrist strap, or B) protect them while NOT wearing a wrist strap.

If you could protect your equipment from charges on your body and clothing—with one means of grounding—who wouldn’t choose option B?

The problem is most ESD garments are not conductive enough to do both. That’s why these static control garments from Tech Wear are so popular. They protect equipment from both types of charges and free your hands to do their job—all at the same time.

The garments’ ESD grid-knit cuffs form a contact patch around both wrists. Just snap the ground cord onto a hip pocket, and both you and the garment are grounded. The built-in wrist strap feature makes it easy to test the garment and grounding using traditional wrist strap testers. And, the design is compatible with continuous monitoring.

All Tech Wear garments, made of OFX-100 fabric with ESD knit cuffs or “keys,” satisfy ANSI/ESD STM 2.1-2013, Category 3 standards, so you can enjoy a little more freedom when you cut the cord. Look, Ma, no hands!

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