Free eBook: Copper in Electrical Contacts

by Julie S. on September 11, 2015

Connector failures, like the one in the F-16 fighter plane that caused engine failure and plane crashes, underscore the importance of electrical contacts. In this case, fretting corrosion from vibration led to the failure of the connector that supplied power to the main fuel shut-off valve, according to the Copper Development Association.

Free eBook--Copper in Electrical ContactsNow, a new book from the association sheds light on electrical contacts, how they work and the various materials involved. The 40-page book titled Copper in Electrical Contacts is available to download here for free.

Specifically, the book explains contact interface, arcing and non-arcing contacts, fixed contacts and sliding contacts.  It also includes descriptions of more than 30 popular copper alloys as well as property tables for contacts, parts and springs.

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