LEDs in the Extreme: How to Keep Them Lit Regardless of Environment

by Julie S. on October 9, 2015

LEDs in the Extreme--How to Keep Them Lit Regardless of EnvironmentRain and wind. Extreme heat, moisture and more—LEDs need to work properly regardless of the elements. While adhesives have been perceived as slow and expensive assembly methods, the correct LED adhesive for harsh environments not only expedites the manufacturing process but also perfects it.

Adhesives perform well on glass, metal, ceramic and most plastic substrates. They provide excellent chemical and solvent resistance, serve as insulators and can be used in high-speed production environments. And, when it comes to LED assembly, these benefits are critical. In some cases, choosing the right adhesive for the job at hand also means cost-effective production that would have been impossible with mechanical fasteners.

For every type of LED package, from circuit board mounting to completed luminaires, adhesives and sealants play an important role, including long-term protection from vibration and shock. If you’re operating in an extreme environment, explore modern LED adhesives and sealants, like those from Henkel Loctite®, that perform over a long range of temperatures and provide excellent chemical, humidity and UV resistance.

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