Product Spotlight: Branson CPX Digital Ultrasonic Cleaners

May 22nd, 2013 (No Comments)

Branson’s new digital CPX series of ultrasonic baths with self-adaptive technology gives you industry-leading cleaning quality, plus so much more. With digital controls and power tracking capabilities, the digital CPX series makes consistent, precise 40 kHz cleaning programmable and easy to use for any technician. Features Automatic adjustments for light or heavy loads: Each model actively tracks […]

Customizing a Microscope Has Never Been Easier

May 20th, 2013 (No Comments)

UNITRON lets you buy every part of their microscopes separately so you can build your own scope from the stand up to meet a specific application.  Their modular approach makes this the most flexible inspection line we’ve seen. UNITRON’s reference guides make selection easy.  Take the Z730 stereo microscope series for example.  The outstanding optics, large […]

Save on 20 Luxo Magnifiers and Microscopes at All-Spec

May 17th, 2013 (No Comments)

You’ll need to act soon if you want to take advantage of some of the lowest prices available on select Luxo magnifiers and microscopes. Now through May 31st we’re featuring 10% savings on some of our best-selling models. The big 5″ diameter lens in the KFM Magnifier series gives you distortion-free magnification, and an optional […]

Product Spotlight: 3M Electronics Vacuum

May 15th, 2013 (No Comments)

Anyone who has ever had to clean up dust or toner from any type of electronic or computer equipment is probably familiar with the 3M Electronics Vacuum – long the preferred choice for field service professionals. Now in stock and available from All-Spec, the unit’s backed by a powerful, efficient one HP six amp motor. […]

Swedish Nurses Have Helped Develop Your Next Shoes

May 13th, 2013 (No Comments)

Nurses in a Swedish hospital a while back discovered what many of us know already — crocs™ are extremely comfortable to wear at work. Soon more and more were wearing them, but little did they know the rubberized soles could lead to a build-up of static.  When critical medical equipment suddenly failed 3 separate times, […]