A Swab for Every Job

May 4th, 2016 (No Comments)

Whoever thought there could be so many different kinds of swabs, aka, tipped applicators? Most people only know of the kinds of swabs used to clean ears. Invented in the 1920s, Leo Gerstenzang thought to attach wads of cotton to toothpicks (Q-Tips). This little idea has since grown into a billion-dollar industry and evolved far […]

Alpha Customers Take Advantage of Dip in U.S. Tin Prices

February 18th, 2015 (No Comments)

Recent U.S. tin prices have made it an opportune time to buy solder wire in bulk, especially for major production and electronics manufacturing environments. Solder manufacturers such as Alpha–known for its advanced solder wire technology–adjust their prices throughout the year based on the fluctuation of tin costs. Currently, the price of tin per pound is […]

Why SensaTemp® Is The Most Efficient Soldering Technology

January 29th, 2015 (No Comments)

The key to an efficient assembly and rework application is to maintain proper tip temperature and avoid damage, which is why SensaTemp® from PACE has become a leading technology in the electronics manufacturing industry. Your run-of-the-mill soldering station may indicate it’s soldering at, for instance, 700°F. However, that temperature display only indicates the heat of […]

3 Essential Benefits of the Bond-a-Matic® 3000 Dispensing System

January 21st, 2015 (No Comments)

With the latest major addition to the All-Spec Loctite® line, we are excited for our clients to try out the Bond-A-Matic adhesive dispensing system, which has a pressure range of 0 to 15 psi, ideal for low-viscosity adhesives under 3,000 cPs. Here are three essential benefits of this system: #1 Precision = Efficiency and Lower […]

Solder Wire: It’s Time to Make the Switch To Alpha Telecore-HF-850

January 14th, 2015 (No Comments)

Back in late September we posted a blog that featured five reasons to try Alpha Telecore HF-850 solder wire. Since then, many engineers have made the transition to this model for a few reasons. Launched in 2012, the HF-850 promised to provide a quick-wetting flux solution that performs at the highest efficiency possible while complying […]