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Latex Gloves – Are You Allergic?

Many industrial manufacturing environments require workers to wear protective gloves, including during electronics and medical device production and assembly. Latex gloves not only protect workers from harmful chemicals but also protect products from worker contact and contamination during manufacturing Read more

ST 925 SMT Rework System–Three favorites combined into one nice savings

Save a few steps--and some money--with the Pace 925 SMT Rework System Pace has introduced a new low-cost “combination” system ideal for surface mount technology (SMT) rework. It’s worth adding up the savings by comparing the a la carte prices Read more

Metcal’s CV-5200 Connection Validation Soldering Station Changes Everything

You may or may not have heard about Metcal’s new soldering station, the CV-5200. The evolutionary tool removes much of the reliance on visual inspection of hand-soldered joints and adds a second, more technology-driven method for validating a successful Read more

Industry Roundup: Our Top 5 News Picks of the Month

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Here at All-Spec, we’re always keeping an eye out for industry articles and useful information to share in our monthly Industry Roundup. Below you’ll find just a few of the best videos and articles we’ve discovered over the past few weeks.

Cleanroom Safety and PPE
A cleanroom safety program should define how cleanroom garments are worn to enhance operator safety. This article illustrates a few examples of safety criteria for hoods, masks, coveralls, and booties.

3D Printer Can Replicate Itself
Bristol-based RepRapPro has refined the original Ormerod single-color 3D printer, making it easier to assemble with improved wiring looms, a simple plugin connection and no soldering necessary.

Internet of Things Security Reaches Tipping Point
It all began more than four years ago with HD Moore’s groundbreaking research on embedded device security including VoIP, DSL, SCADA, printers, videoconferencing, and switching equipment.

Clean the Cleanroom, Clean the Product
While the underlying principles of critical cleaning and good process design are similar for the product and the cleanroom, requirements may be distinctive for the cleanroom surface itself.

How an Idea Becomes a Product
Learn how great ideas go from inkling to offering with this video featuring original animations by Chandrakant Patel, HP Senior Fellow and Chief Engineer of HP Labs.


Top 5 FAQs: MicroCare Sticklers®

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Used around the globe to achieve cleaner connectors and faster networks, Sticklers from MicroCare are a popular seller here at All-Spec. Read on to discover some of MicroCare’s most commonly asked questions surrounding their Sticklers range of products.

  1. What happens if fiber optic connectors are not perfectly clean? Cleaning should be the top priority for any associate in contact with an optical network. Contaminated fiber optic connectors can lead to costly troubleshooting and re-working of the connectors. Each connector should be cleaned every time it is touched.
  2. What’s wrong with using alcohol to clean fiber optic connectors? Slow-drying with a pronounced aroma, IPA is highly flammable, considered hazardous and contains volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are harmful to the environment and restricted in many areas. Ideally, a dense, non-flammable and non-hazardous fiber optic cleaner should be used instead.
  3. What is the shelf life of Sticklers products?  When stored properly – meaning kept in a cool, clean and dry location away from direct sunlight – Sticklers products have an unlimited shelf life.
  4. You say your solvents dry fast. What is the drying time? Although drying rate depends on temperature and relative humidity, it’s estimated that Sticklers dry at least 25%-50% faster than IPA alcohol.
  5. Why is inspection and cleaning necessary before EVERY fiber connection installation? Studies have shown the presence of mold release agents present on the connector end-face of new jumpers due to manufacturing processes. It is therefore critical to clean even a brand new end-face.


Industry Roundup: Our Top 5 News Picks of the Month

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Here at All-Spec, we’re always on the lookout for relevant, informative articles to share in our monthly Industry Roundup. Read on for a few of the best publications and most informative articles we’ve found during the past several weeks.

Saving Energy in Cleanrooms – Learn more about ways to reduce energy consumption in the cleanroom based on real examples and figures. 

Printed, Flexible, and Organic Electronics: A Growing Opportunity The worldwide market demand for flexible, printed, and organic electronics is expected to reach $76.79 billion by 2023.

Gas Detection in Cleanrooms – Discover why the addition of gas detecting equipment has achieved a new level of safety in the modern-day cleanroom.

 Jibo: The World’s First Family Robot – Developed by MIT’s Media Lab and scheduled for production within the following year, Jibo is the world’s first family-friendly robot.

 NASA Turns to 3D Printers to Make Tiny Space Cameras – In the first attempt to build an entire high-tech instrument entirely through 3D printing, NASA is using this state-of-the-art new process to construct tiny space cameras.


Industry Roundup: Our Top 5 News Picks of the Month

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At All-Spec, we’re always on the lookout for industry articles and useful information to share in our monthly Industry Roundup. Read on to discover a few of the best videos and articles we’ve found over the past few weeks.

Top 10 Supercomputers in the World
Will China take the lead once again? Discover which countries – and companies – finish on top when it comes to the world’s leading supercomputers.

Wi-Fi/Smart Umbrella Could Help Save the Environment
With unique sensor technologies and an LED display light system, this umbrella measures atmospheric gasses and even tells how much pollution is in the air around you.

Contamination Control – Looking toward the Future
During this brief video, you’ll discover the unique complexities of contamination control in facilities and processes – and how the science is constantly continuing to evolve.

The Internet of Things: The Fourth Act of the Industrial Revolution?
Imagine a world in which people, processes, products and infrastructure are seamlessly coordinated thanks to the help of new intelligent machines. The future of manufacturing is now.

New Placement Technology for Rework
Watch this brief video to discover a new technology utilizing two cameras to identify the target location for component installation and component pin structure.


Have You Seen the Quant 3D Printer in Action?

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If you haven’t had an opportunity to check out the new Quant 3D prototyping printer, now’s your chance. With this affordable new line from OK International you’ll be able to quickly and easily create prototypes and samples at a price that’s well within budget.

Already the recipient of multiple best-in-class design awards, the Quant 3D printer is the remarkably easy way to bring your ideas to life. Simply create your design using one of three file types, and the machine will transform your idea into a single, finely detailed model.

With Quant 3D, realizing your vision has never been easier. Watch the brief video below to learn more, and shop for the perfect 3D printer today at All-Spec.