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All-Spec’s Moisture Barrier Bags

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All-Spec Moisture Barrier Bag Moisture barrier bags are used to protect moisture sensitive items from damage during transport and storage. All-Spec carries different types of moisture barrier bags that offer EMI, RFI, and static shielding properties in addition to moisture protection. The added EMI, RFI and static protection makes the All-Spec bags ideal for items like surface mount devices (SMD’s), printed circuit boards (PCB’s) and any items that need to be protected from rust or corrosion.

All-Spec carries three different options of moisture barrier bags including the 60 Series, 63 Series, and 64 Series. These bags are constructed differently and thus offer slightly different specifications and features. Made from multiple layers of plastic and aluminum, All-Spec’s moisture barrier bags all offer similar EMI, RFI and static shielding properties but varying levels of puncture resistance and moisture vapor transmission rates (MVTR). The MVTR is measured using the ASTM F-1249 standard which is the amount of water in grams that will move through 100 in2 of the tested material at 100oF in a 24 hour period.

Determining which series of moisture barrier bag to use is based strictly upon your application. Based on the MVTR, thickness and puncture resistance you can choose which bag will work best for you. The 7mil bags, although more puncture resistant, can “crease” easier than the 3.6 mil bags and cause a weak area in the material, leading to potential failure. The 3.6mil bags are generally more flexible but less puncture resistant than the 7mil bags. The 6.1mil bags have the best MVTR which means that less desiccant will be required to eliminate the moisture that does get into the bag. On the other hand, they are less puncture resistant than the 7mil bags and are less flexible than the 3.6 mil bags.

Series Thickness MVTR Puncture Resistance
60 Series 3.6 mils (.0036”) MVTR – < .02 grams 21 lbs
63 Series 6.1 mils (.0061”) MVTR – < .0003 grams 21 lbs
64 Series 7.0 mils (.0070”) MVTR – < .005 grams 30 lbs


Humidity Indicator Card

In addition to moisture barrier bags, All-Spec Industries carries a variety of dry storage products to use during the packaging process. It is recommended that you place a humidity indicator card (HIC) and desiccant inside each bag. The desiccant absorbs the moisture that penetrates the bag and the humidity card allows the person who opens the bag to know what amount of moisture has gotten into the bag. In order for the bag to function properly, you can then use a vacuum sealer to remove any existing air. Moisture labels are also available to identify the item as moisture sensitive.

If you have any questions or you need a sample to review for your application please give our customer service a call at 1-800-537-0351 or email us at We enjoy receiving feedback and if you have any recommendations on what you would like to see on our blog, email us at

Bevco 7000 Silver Series Chairs

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Bevco 7000 Silver Series Chairs: Durable and Comfortable

Looking for a durable and ergonomic chair that’s easy to care for? Try the Bevco 7000 Silver Series chairs. Bevco 7000 Series Silver Chair

The most distinguishing feature of the 7000 Silver Series chairs is the polyurethane seat and back. This durable polyurethane material is puncture resistant and repels water, grease and chemicals. Ease of cleanup and durability make the 7000 Silver Series chairs ideal for a variety of environments including laboratory, medical, industrial and cleanroom applications.

Like all Bevco chairs, the 7000 Silver Series chairs are designed with ergonomics in mind to help prevent fatigue and strain on workers’ bodies. Some of these ergonomic features include ventilation ribs to increase air circulation, a comfortable waterfall seat, contoured back rest and pneumatic seat height adjustment. In addition, the chair’s solid frame is supported by a five-legged polished aluminum base and the backrest is secured with a heavy-duty, spring-loaded chrome-plated back bar.

Bevco offers six different models of 7000 Silver Series chairs in gray, black and blue as well as a black ESD-safe version with standard ESD-safe glides, brass drag chain and ESD-safe polyurethane seat and back. The six different models offer various heights, with or without back and seat tilt, and with or without chrome foot ring. Also, all 7000 Silver Series chairs are certified for Class 10 cleanrooms.

All-Spec Industries is an authorized distributor of Bevco, manufacturer of standard and ESD-safe chairs for a variety of workspaces including industrial, laboratory, cleanroom and electronic assembly applications. Bevco has over 50 years of experience crafting durable workplace seating with outstanding comfort, and they back their chairs with a 12-year guarantee. Please visit to see our entire selection or call Customer Service (800-537-0351) for more information, and remember all Bevco chairs are made in the U.S.A.

Legge Systems StatShine Floor Cleaner

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Legge System StatShine Floor CleanerIn need of a cleaning solution for conductive flooring?  Legge Systems K4070 StatShine is an ESD-safe floor care product that allows floors to be cleaned and shined without destroying the conductive properties. The one-step cleaner and conditioner increases the floors slip resistance without producing a film or residue.

StatShine K4070 provides coverage from 1800- 2000 sq/ft per gallon. It does not require rinsing after use and can be used everyday on ESD-safe flooring.  Also environmentally safe, the K4070 contains no phosphates. StatShine K4070 is currently available from All-Spec Industries in the one gallon size.

Give us a call at (800) 537-0351 or email us ( to discuss all of your ESD-safe floor cleaning needs.

ESD-Safe Cleanroom Hot Gloves By All-Spec Industries

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ESD-Safe Cleanroom Hot Gloves All-Spec Industries’ GL series hi-temp ESD-safe gloves offer both ESD prevention and temperature resistance for a cleanroom environment. Ideal for working with printed circuit boards, hybrid circuits and semiconductors, All-Spec’s GL series hot glove is the perfect solution for high temperature work that requires both ESD-safe and cleanroom conditions.

Able to withstand temperatures up to 302°F (150°C), these gloves are made from an outer layer of polyester knit fabric suffused with carbon fiber and an inner layer of 100% tricot knit polyester fabric. All sizes of the glove are 14” long and have a grounding snap mounted on the cuff.

The GL-series ESD-Safe hot gloves come in sizes small through X-large and have a colored trim to differentiate size. Additionally, All-Spec Industries carries a variety of other heat resistant gloves. For more information, contact our Customer Service Department at (800) 537-0351 or for assistance.

K-Sun Green Machine® Label Printer

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All-Spec Industries is now offering the K-Sun LabelShop® Green Machine® label printer kits. This new eco-friendly labeler offers tape cartridges that are made from 50% recycled plastic, lead-free non-PVC parts and auto shut-off. In addition, each Green Machine® comes equipped with a large backlit LCD display, 14 font styles, 6 bar code formats and over 1000 symbols.

The standard model K-Sun Green Machine® 2020LSTB includes: K-Sun Green Machine

  • 1- Tape Cartridges 212BW
  • 1- AC Adapter
  • 6- AA Batteries
  • 1- Tape Line Cutter Tool
  • 1- Owner’s Manual and Quick Start Guide

Also check out the deluxe models of the Green Machine® label printers from All-Spec Industries. The K-Sun Green Machine® 2020LSTB-PC is PC-compatible, complete with a USB cable and label software. For an all-inclusive package, the K-Sun Green Machine® 2020LSTB-PCD comes with 3 tape cartridges and a durable case, in addition to the labeling software.