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Latex Gloves – Are You Allergic?

Many industrial manufacturing environments require workers to wear protective gloves, including during electronics and medical device production and assembly. Latex gloves not only protect workers from harmful chemicals but also protect products from worker contact and contamination during manufacturing Read more

ST 925 SMT Rework System–Three favorites combined into one nice savings

Save a few steps--and some money--with the Pace 925 SMT Rework System Pace has introduced a new low-cost “combination” system ideal for surface mount technology (SMT) rework. It’s worth adding up the savings by comparing the a la carte prices Read more

Metcal’s CV-5200 Connection Validation Soldering Station Changes Everything

You may or may not have heard about Metcal’s new soldering station, the CV-5200. The evolutionary tool removes much of the reliance on visual inspection of hand-soldered joints and adds a second, more technology-driven method for validating a successful Read more

OKi MFR-1100 Series Rework Systems

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The MFR-1100 Series Rework Systems by OK International employs the same responsive SmartHeat® Technology used by the Metcal Soldering Systems, available with one of four different ergonomic hand-pieces. These high power stations are ideal for production soldering, touch-up soldering, as well as SMD rework and are all ESD-safe by design to protect sensitive components.

OKi MFR-1100 Series Rework System One of our most popular MFR units, the OKi MFR-1160 Rework System, utilizes the Metcal SSC series tips. Working with lead-free, multi-layer and thermally demanding applications is simplified with this single output system.

The OKi MFR-1160 System includes the following:

  • 1 – MFR-H6-SSC cartridge hand-piece
  • 1 – MFRPS1100 single output power supply
  • 1 – WS1 auto-sleep workstand

Have questions about which OKi MFR system to choose? Give us a call at (800) 537-0351 or email us at

Try An Electric Duster Instead Of Canned Air

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Metro Vac Electric Duster For those of you who use canned air or aerosol dusters on a regular basis, you may want to check out the Metropolitan Vacuum Electric Duster. This “green” electric powered duster is part of MetroVac’s DataVac® line and is built with a compact, comfortable design. With a powerful 500-watt motor, this electric duster keeps your expensive computer and electronic equipment in tip-top shape by blasting off dirt and debris.

The cost of the refrigeration fluid 134a used in solvents, freeze sprays and canned air has steadily been increasing. With the prices of these chemicals skyrocketing, MetroVac’s environmentally friendly ED-500 Duster provides a more efficient and economical alternative to traditional air dusters. At just over 2 pounds, this duster is lightweight and will outlast the standard canned air that needs to be replaced so often.

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Tech Wear ESD-Safe Garments – Which Fabric is Which?

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Tech Wear ESD-Safe Garments You may be familiar with Tech Wear as the name behind ESD-safe coats and jackets, but let’s take a closer look at the fabrics that make up Tech Wear ESD-safe garments. To begin with, Tech Wear coats and jackets are available in a variety of styles with colors ranging from blue to burgundy to teal. Other distinguishing features include:

  • Cuffs or no cuffs
  • Lapel style collars or V-necks
  • Optional grounding snaps
  • Set-in sleeves or raglan sleeves
  • Hip-length, mid-thigh length or knee-length

The V-Neck, Traditional and Hallmark styles from Tech Wear are made from the OFX-100 fabric. Made up of 87% polyester and 13% carbon, this fabric is both groundable and breathable. Having a surface resistivity of 105 ohms/sq, the OFX-100 provides excellent ESD performance and is very lightweight at only 2.3 ounces per square yard. This fabric also meets the National ESD Association’s requirements to maintain its continuity for 2 years or 100 washes.

Tech Wear ESD-Safe Garments 2 Our most popular Tech Wear style, the static shielding Econoshield coat, is made with the ECX-500 fabric, composed of 98% polyester and 2% carbon. At 3 ounces per square yard, the ECX-500 is a little heavier than the OFX-100 and provides very good ESD performance, with a surface resistivity of 106 ohms/sq.

For heavy industry applications and where warmer garments are preferred, the Nylostat fabric may be the best option. As our most durable Tech Wear fabric, the Nylostat fabric is comprised of 19% cotton, 80% polyester and 1% cotton and protects clothes from dust, dirt and solder splash. With a surface resistivity of 1011 ohms/sq, this fabric is ideal for environments that are less static-sensitive.

Need help deciding which Tech Wear style or fabric is best for you? Watch our Tech Wear video below or contact our Customer Service Department at (800) 537-0351 or for assistance.

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ESD-Safe Cutters and Pliers by Pro America Tools

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Pro America Tools ESD-Safe Pliers If you’re looking for ESD-safe cutters and pliers, Pro America Tools may be a good option. Made in the USA, Pro America tools are affordable and provide great solutions when working in static sensitive areas.

Pro America miniature ESD-safe pliers are ideal for working with confined applications, such as electronics assembly and precision tool repairing. With textured cushion grips, these pliers are comfortable and easy to use. All-Spec Industries carries several tip styles including needle nose, long nose and duckbill.

Pro America ESD-safe wire cutters also come with dissipative cushion grips with many head types to choose from, ranging from oval to diagonal to tapered.

Need a suggestion about a particular Pro America product? Give us a call at (800) 537-0351 or email us ( with any concerns.

Choosing ESD-Safe 2-Layer Rubber Matting

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Whether you’re looking for mat rolls or a smaller worktop mat, All-Spec Industries is your source for benchtop matting. However, choosing the right ESD mat for your application can be a difficult task. Compare the main points below to help narrow down your matting search.

Sierra SR Series:

  • Sierra SR Series Mat.060” thick
  • Smooth surface
  • Very flexible
  • Available in blue/black or green/black
  • Portable; will lay flat after unrolling

Static Solutions UT Series:

  • .080” thick
  • Lightly textured surface
  • Flexible
  • Available in blue/black or grey/black
  • Permanent or removable work surface

Sierra AP Series:

  • .080” thick
  • Lightly textured surface
  • Firm but flexible
  • Available in light blue/black or grey/black
  • Permanent or removable work surface

All the mats featured above come complete with dissipative top layers and conductive bottom layers. They are also heat- and chemical-resistant and will not peel, chip or curl.

Still have questions about which type of mat to order? Contact Customer Service at (800) 537-0351 or email us.