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Latex Gloves – Are You Allergic?

Many industrial manufacturing environments require workers to wear protective gloves, including during electronics and medical device production and assembly. Latex gloves not only protect workers from harmful chemicals but also protect products from worker contact and contamination during manufacturing Read more

ST 925 SMT Rework System–Three favorites combined into one nice savings

Save a few steps--and some money--with the Pace 925 SMT Rework System Pace has introduced a new low-cost “combination” system ideal for surface mount technology (SMT) rework. It’s worth adding up the savings by comparing the a la carte prices Read more

Metcal’s CV-5200 Connection Validation Soldering Station Changes Everything

You may or may not have heard about Metcal’s new soldering station, the CV-5200. The evolutionary tool removes much of the reliance on visual inspection of hand-soldered joints and adds a second, more technology-driven method for validating a successful Read more

Transform Your Circuit Board in 5 Easy Steps

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When it comes to unique circuit board modifications, why not turn to the pro and MacGyver it? All kidding aside, sometimes unusual modifications and component additions are necessary. Ever stack components or mount them upside down?

Here’s a modification that is on its way to becoming part of IPC documented guidelines.

Transform Your Circuit Board

Axial lead component soldered to through-hole component leads.


For more modifications, just follow these “tricks” of the trade. You can learn how to bend the rules and do it safely:

  1. Secure added components with adhesive if the component leads or body will undergo mechanical stress.
  2. Consider placing components end-to-end where applicable.
  3. Place added components on the component side of the assembly or circuit board unless otherwise specified.
  4. Consider insulation for added component leads that may come into contact with component body or other conductors.
  5. Remove existing solder in the connection to avoid bridging or excess solder in the final connection.

CircuitMedic understands out-of-the-ordinary applications and meets your needs with a variety of circuit board repair kits, equipment and adhesives, to name a few.

Choose Your FREE Soldering Accessory With the Hakko FM-206

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Some things go better together… and there’s nothing better than free. For a limited time, invest in a qualifying Hakko FM-206, and receive a free coordinating accessory to create the perfect pair. It’s just that easy!

Versatile and compact, the Hakko FM-206 multi-station combines soldering, desoldering and SMD rework in a single, compact design. With its graphic LCD interface and user-selectable soldering irons, this may be your best investment yet. Check out the full promotion for details, and reserve your FM-206 bundle today.


Alpha Cleanline 7000: Your Hand Soldering Essential

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The perfect no-clean solution for a range of hand soldering tasks, Alpha® Cleanline 7000 was specially engineered to tackle even the most demanding applications. A low residue flux core wire solder, Cleanline 7000 features an innovative blend of resin and proprietary non-halide activators to deliver rapid wetting and minimal levels of clear, non-corrosive residue which can easily be cleaned with hot water. It’s no wonder Cleanline 7000 is one of Alpha’s most popular solder wires.

Alpha’s innovative products and materials have made them our first choice in soldering – make them your go-to brand as well. Shop the complete Alpha portfolio at All-Spec and enjoy exclusive pricing on Cleanline 7000 products and other soldering essentials.

Save up to 10% on the Weller WR3ME

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Discover the power of the WR3ME soldering system from Weller, and prepare to meet your most challenging rework applications head on. Engineered for optimal flexibility and versatility, the WR3ME delivers increased productivity and process control to tackle even your most demanding challenges.

Now available in bundled kits for our best-ever pricing, the WR3ME has never been more affordable. Try it now and save up to 10% off list pricing, and invest with confidence – Weller will accept returns with no restocking fee from July 31 through September 30, 2015.

Equipped with all the tips and components you need to ensure maximum efficiency and unmatched reliability, the Weller WR3ME is your perfect rework solution for a range of modern applications. Check out the full promotion for details, and reserve yours today.


Alpha Customers Take Advantage of Dip in U.S. Tin Prices

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Recent U.S. tin prices have made it an opportune time to buy solder wire in bulk, especially for major production and electronics manufacturing environments.

Solder manufacturers such as Alpha–known for its advanced solder wire technology–adjust their prices throughout the year based on the fluctuation of tin costs.

Currently, the price of tin per pound is at its lowest point since 2010. And while demand may be in decline and customers appreciate the lowered costs, it may be unlikely to last–similar to the recent, lowered gas prices.

Yet, at the moment, Alpha distributors and customers alike are able to take advantage of this temporary decline in the cost of tin.

Overall tin prices have climbed significantly since the early 2000s, when the average pound was approximately $2. During 2011, it reached a peak of nearly $15. And since late 2013, the price has steadily declined from approximately $11 to where it stands today at $8.

The low costs of Alpha solder wire at All-Spec is just one example of the effect of tin price on solder wire.