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At First Glance: Bausch + Lomb is Coming to All-Spec!

by Michelle S. on August 28, 2013

We’ve set our sights on one of the leading optical brands in the world. Coming soon to All-Spec, Bausch + Lomb products are designed with a singular mission in mind: helping you see better to live better.

Over the coming weeks, be sure to keep an eye out for our new Bausch + Lomb professional magnifiers including the Coddington Magnifier, the Hastings Triplet Magnifier, and the Classic Metal™ Eyeglass Loupe – all manufactured to exacting Bausch + Lomb standards . For eyewear or lens cleaning and care, we’ll be offering a range of pre-moistened lens cleaning tissues, solutions and more.

With their superior line of optical essentials for manufacturing and lab workspaces, it’s easy see why this brand sets the industry standard. We’ll update you when our Bausch + Lomb products become available!


An industry standard for critical manufacturing environments, the Texwipe brand has become one of our most popular sellers. We’ve been so impressed with Texwipe’s commitment to technology, innovation and quality that we’re back for more – extending our brand offering to include cleanroom tape, non-sterile IPA, and cleanroom wipes. They’re the new essentials for your controlled workspace.

KOGO Cleanroom Tape: Ideally suited for critical applications, Texwipe adhesive tapes are high-quality and latex free. Available in specially formulated materials, widths and color options, Texwipe cleanroom tapes were created to address a range of specific preferences and requirements.

Non-Sterile IPA: Submicron-filtered for cleanliness, Texwipe Non-Sterile IPA is designed to remove surface contaminants and evaporates without residue. Available in either a 16 oz bottle or one-gallon bulk container, it’s perfect for surface cleaning or wipe-downs, and can be used with any Texwipe cleanroom wiper.  Both 70% IPA and 100% IPA solutions are available.

Vertex® Cleanroom Wipes: An ideal cleaning alternative for delicate controlled surfaces and applications. Manufactured through Texwipe’s unique HandsFree™ system, the Vertex wipe is entirely isolated from human contact during production, negating any risk of product contamination.


Kimberly-Clark, widely recognized for their innovative workplace solutions, is committed to more than product quality alone. Through their Reduce Today, Respect Tomorrow* approach to sustainability, Kimberly-Clark is dedicated to lowering the environmental impact of their products. That’s why they’ve partnered with TerraCycle to create RIGHTCYCLE*, a national salvaging system for previously non-recyclable or hard-to-recycle waste.

The goal of RIGHTCYCLE* is to protect our environment while providing solutions to mitigate excess – helping customers to reach their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability goals in the process. By making it easy to recycle items like cleanroom garments and gloves, they can be repurposed into a range of eco-friendly products available at major national retailers including Wal-Mart and Whole Foods Market.

If you’re currently laundering your garments, the RIGHTCYCLE* program may have you thinking twice about single-use options. Repetitious processing can lead to cross-contamination at the laundry facility and reduced protection properties. RIGHTCYCLE* provides a waste-free solution for single-use garments and protects the integrity of your environment.

Now, what’s good for your business is good for the planet. For more information on the RIGHTCYCLE* program, read this pdf or contact Kimberly-Clark directly at 800-255-6401.


Dazor Saturn LED Spot(A special thank you to Dazor for guest-blogging the content below!)

Dazor’s new Saturn LED Spot is the latest generation in high-quality, energy-efficient lighting designed for years of use with the most demanding visual tasks in a variety of production environments.   Many LED fixture manufacturers claim their light will last for the full LED life published by the chip manufacturer.  In reality they rarely do.  The reason is most fixture manufacturers do not have the expertise – or they take shortcuts in materials or production – to design the required combination of electrical, thermal, mechanical and optical system components.

In comparison, the Saturn LED spot is designed with advanced LED chip technology alongside Dazor’s engineering proficiency in optoelectronics and thermal management.  What does this mean to a user?  If a 75-watt incandescent or halogen fixture is replaced with a Saturn LED fixture, the initial fixture investment will be recovered in a year.  And considering the annual savings in energy costs, bulb replacements and related maintenance, during the 15+ year life of the fixture the return on investment is earned many times over.

A common measurement of a light source is the lumen.  Lumen, or luminous flux, is the total amount of visible light emitted from a source.  Understanding this definition is crucial when comparing different light source technologies.  As an example, a 75-watt incandescent bulb produces 1200 lumens.  That sounds like a lot of energy and a lot of light, and it is.  However, light from a filament-based source is emitted in an omni-directional pattern; that is, equally in all directions.  And when installed into a fixture, at best only 45% of the light hits the intended work surface.  This is an extremely inefficient method for delivering light where the user needs it. By contrast, an optically designed LED light source directs the light precisely where it’s needed and requires a fraction of the energy to do so.

The amount of light on a work surface is measured in the footcandle or lux.  1 footcandle (fc) = 10.764 lux (lx), with lux being the metric equivalent of footcandle.  At a 12” distance, a 75-watt screw-in bulb mounted in a typical incandescent housing produces about 300fc of visible light intensity on a work surface, while the 5.5-watt Saturn LED fixture produces 2500fc using a 16ᴼ optical beam spread.  That’s less than 1/10 the energy required to produce eight times the light intensity.

Another quantitative measurement of lighting is efficacy, which is the amount of light produced by the fixture compared to the amount of power consumed to produce it.  The Saturn LED fixture produces 600 lumens by consuming total fixture power of 5.5 watts, resulting in 109 lumens per watt.  An incandescent bulb produces 1200 lumens by consuming 75 watts, resulting in a luminous efficacy of 16 lumens per watt.  And 90% of the total radiant energy produced by an incandescent bulb is heat, not light.   So an incandescent bulb is a lot better as a heat source than it is as a source of light.

Using less energy, saving money, and even being environmentally friendly are all quantifiable advantages of the Saturn LED light over incandescent, halogen and fluorescent light sources.  But what about quality of the light?  All the numerical benefits don’t mean a thing if a user doesn’t like the lighting.  In its infancy as a new and alternative light source, LED manufacturers rushed to sell LEDs into the marketplace and fixture manufacturers were just as happy to install them into poorly designed fixtures.  The result was lighting fixtures which housed LED technology that produced unappealing light output and performance that didn’t live up to expectations.  That’s still the case today when shortcuts are taken.  However, dramatic improvements during recent years have been made in LED chip designs and manufacturing control processes specifically focusing on light quality.  Pleasing, uniform, color-accurate illumination that meets performance expectation is exactly what’s designed into the Saturn LED light.

In addition, the Saturn LED light has a precision-smooth on/off dimming control machined into the aluminum housing and a choice of optical beam spreads to suit user applications.  The fixture is available on a gooseneck or counterbalanced floating arm and can be mounted to horizontal, sloped or vertical surfaces, a rolling or pedestal floor stand, or onto any end-user equipment.


Vendor Spotlight: Loctite

by Andy on October 24, 2012

Loctite AdhesivesAll-Spec Industries is an authorized distributor of Loctite, and we carry many of their adhesives and lubricating products. Loctite provides many high quality items for the electronics, automotive, aerospace, and medical industries. Below are some of the many products that All-Spec carries which are perfect for your adhesive or lubricating needs.

Epoxies and Epoxy Dispensers

Instant Adhesives


Accelerators, Activators, and Primers

Anti-Seize Lubricants

Have any questions on our Loctite products? Visit our site at or call customer service at (800) 537-0351 today!