Hang It Up with Better Bins from LEWISBins+

by Kathy S. on July 17, 2015

Hang It Up with Better Bins from LEWISBins+New LEWISBins+ storage containers are here. Just in time. Is time the linchpin of your operations? Do you need help getting or staying organized? If so, take a gander at the bins charged with banishing the chaos of clutter at your workstation, so you can do your job faster and more efficiently.

Ideal for electronic and industrial environments, LEWISBins+ promote lean assembly. These hanging and stacking containers are always at arm’s reach. Fill them chock-full of the components you need to grab quickly; the hopper front makes it easy to see inside and reach for it. You can hang the bins just about anywhere—rails, storage and wall cabinets, bin carts and even louvered panels.

Made from high-performance polypropylene, LEWISBins+ are hard-wearing. Choose from a variety of shapes, sizes as well as colors. And, they’re available in ESD- and non ESD-safe models, with or without divider slots.

The pièce de résistance? Use the label inserts for added efficiency to your new organized chaos.

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Less is More with the 960 Mini Air Ionizer from SCSGood things do come in small packages. If you’re in a tight squeeze, the 960 Mini Air Ionizer from SCS delivers big time with a steady stream of ionized air for confined spaces.

Plant the mini model at ESD workstations, pick and place machines, inside OEM equipment or anywhere you need to neutralize potentially damaging static. It reduces charges of ±1000V to ±100V in less than 6 seconds from a foot away. The proprietary circuitry contained in the blower generates equal levels of positive and negative ions. Plus, the mini air ionizer maintains correct balance despite variations in line voltage, fan speed and emitter point condition—no adjustment necessary.

It’s UL/C-UL/CE-approved for global acceptance, so go ahead and blow all the ionized air you want into every nook and cranny.

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Don't Break Your Neck--Save It with Mantis Eyepieceless MicroscopesOptical inspection of PCBs can be a real pain in the neck. Craning it to see through your microscope’s eyepieces for a good chunk of each day will do that. Did you know strained body posture leads to operator fatigue, decreased productivity, increased wastage, errors, injuries and absenteeism—each of which is associated with increased costs?

Feast your eyes on Mantis “eyepieceless” microscopes with 3D optics. These microscopes have unrivalled freedom of head movement, plus an ergonomic working position. Optical ergonomics eliminates eye strain, too. With these microscopes, you sit back from a viewer, which is beneficial for a number of reasons. For starters, you sit upright, you don’t crane your neck to see anything, and you can wear your glasses. The viewer eliminates the eye strain associated with traditional microscopes because it allows ambient light to enter the eyes.

Plus, Mantis elite and compact series microscopes provide users with the same ease of use as bench magnifiers but with magnification capabilities up to 20x greater. You can even see around a subject when you move your head from side to side. Inspection, rework and soldering tasks come to light with true color LED illumination, providing shadow-free, high-resolution images—for 10,000 hours! Clearly, you’ll be glad you saved your neck.

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What Will You Do with Two Untethered Hands?

by Kathy S. on July 10, 2015

What Will You Do with Two Untethered HandsWhen it comes to protecting your static-sensitive devices, you could: A) protect them while wearing a wrist strap, or B) protect them while NOT wearing a wrist strap.

If you could protect your equipment from charges on your body and clothing—with one means of grounding—who wouldn’t choose option B?

The problem is most ESD garments are not conductive enough to do both. That’s why these static control garments from Tech Wear are so popular. They protect equipment from both types of charges and free your hands to do their job—all at the same time.

The garments’ ESD grid-knit cuffs form a contact patch around both wrists. Just snap the ground cord onto a hip pocket, and both you and the garment are grounded. The built-in wrist strap feature makes it easy to test the garment and grounding using traditional wrist strap testers. And, the design is compatible with continuous monitoring.

All Tech Wear garments, made of OFX-100 fabric with ESD knit cuffs or “keys,” satisfy ANSI/ESD STM 2.1-2013, Category 3 standards, so you can enjoy a little more freedom when you cut the cord. Look, Ma, no hands!

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10 Things You Can Do with New Puritan Swabs and ApplicatorsDon’t get stuck in a sticky situation! With more than two-dozen, new Puritan swabs, All-Spec makes it easy to clean up. Whether you’re applying adhesives or removing residues, you’re sure to find the best swab for your unique application. These new Puritan swabs and applicators come in cotton, foam and polyester tips, come in various shapes and sizes, and are ideally suited for your healthcare needs, critical environments and industrial settings.

If you’re looking for reliable, convenient and affordable swabs, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for 10 things you can do with your new Puritan swabs:

  1. Absorb liquids
  2. Apply adhesives or solutions
  3. Apply topical dressings
  4. Clean fiber optic connectors
  5. Collect specimens
  6. Remove epoxy residue
  7. Remove fluxes
  8. Remove contaminants or resins
  9. Remove oil and dirt from machine parts
  10. Test DNA

Plus, did you know Puritan runs on 100% renewable energy for all building heat, hot water and manufacturing? Yep, the company’s been green since it started in 1919. That’s just one more reason to clean up with Puritan.

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