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Latex Gloves – Are You Allergic?

Many industrial manufacturing environments require workers to wear protective gloves, including during electronics and medical device production and assembly. Latex gloves not only protect workers from harmful chemicals but also protect products from worker contact and contamination during manufacturing Read more

ST 925 SMT Rework System–Three favorites combined into one nice savings

Save a few steps--and some money--with the Pace 925 SMT Rework System Pace has introduced a new low-cost “combination” system ideal for surface mount technology (SMT) rework. It’s worth adding up the savings by comparing the a la carte prices Read more

Metcal’s CV-5200 Connection Validation Soldering Station Changes Everything

You may or may not have heard about Metcal’s new soldering station, the CV-5200. The evolutionary tool removes much of the reliance on visual inspection of hand-soldered joints and adds a second, more technology-driven method for validating a successful Read more

How to Choose a Microscope

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Binocular Microscope If you’re out to buy a microscope and are confused, you’re not alone. There are many different types of microscopes out there to choose from, but I believe the easiest way to narrow down your choices is by determining what you are going to use the microscope for. For example, if you’re going to need a microscope with very high magnification to study the internal structure of cells, you’ll probably want a compound microscope. On the other hand, if you want a microscope to examine parts on a circuit board, you will benefit the most from a stereo microscope.

The main difference between compound and stereo microscopes are the images. A compound microscope shows a two dimensional image, while a stereo microscope shows a three dimensional image.

Lighting choices are also important when choosing your microscope. There are many options, but here are a few of the most popular:

Dimmable LED Ring Light: This choice prevents glare and reflections; it’s also ideal for inspecting defects and surface cracks.

Fiber Optic Illuminator with Dual Point Light: The benefit of this light is that it provides intense, shadow-free illumination, and each wand has an adjustable lens focus to allow you to choose the size of your light stream.

All-Spec Industries also carries microscopes that can be used for video inspection. These microscopes will allow you to view real-time images on a television screen.

Weller WD2M Review

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Weller WD2M Control Unit Weller seems to outdo itself time and time again with their innovative products. With the Weller WD2M control unit, hand soldering is easier than ever before due to the vast amount of control functions built into its menu. The best part about this station is its small size that barely takes up any room on a workbench. Not only does its small size make it easy to use, its large LCD display is really easy to read as well. On the technical side, the WD2M has high speed regulation and its WMRTH thermal tweezers and WMRP micro soldering iron can reach a maximum of 150 watts. The temperature stability can also be guaranteed with its closed loop control and efficient thermal energy transfer from the heating element to the soldering tip. Other important features of the Weller WD2M include:

  • Dual outputs so you can use two tools at once.
  • Automatic tool recognition so you don’t have to reset the control parameters after switching tools.
  • Stop and go function: Placing a tool in the stand will switch the tool off and removing the tool from the stand will send it back to its correct temperature.
  • USB interface that can connect to a PC. If you use the correct monitor software, the station can easily document process temperatures and setting changes.

Take a closer look at the WD2M here, it’s pretty nice.

Weller ML500MP Review

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Weller ML500MP Mid-Sized Soldering Pencil The new Weller ML500MP is a versatile mid-size soldering pencil that came out recently. Its main selling point is the fact that the user doesn’t have to choose between power and run time. With its medium setting working time of 30 minutes, it has the ability to finish numerous jobs between refills. This definitely makes it useful for field service repairs.

It also has a widely ranging temperature (750°F-900°F) allowing it to handle basic tasks as well as detailed projects. In addition, one of the most functional things about the ML500MP is that when its soldering tip is removed, it can be used as a mini-torch.

Here are a few more features of the Weller ML500MP Magna-Lite Butane Soldering Pencil that may interest you:

  • Uses a Piezo ignition system
  • Adjustable gas flow valve controls temperature range
  • Wide base allows hands-free operation
  • Window allows user to see fuel level
  • Iron is refillable with Weller WB1 or WB2 filtered butane
  • Comes with an ML501 tip
  • Also uses ML502 and ML503 tips

All-Spec Industries carries the new Weller ML500MP as well as its accessory tips.

The Basics of Circuit Board Soldering

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Since we have done quite a few product reviews lately, we have decided a basic “how-to” article would be an appropriate post. The following is a series of steps to take when practicing the art of basic circuit board soldering.

First of all, you need to make sure you have all of the equipment that you need: a solder iron and solder. You should choose the appropriate iron based on the type of soldering you will be doing. In addition to this, you will need to choose a type of solder. If you’re working with electronics or circuit boards, be careful not to use acid core solder because of its corrosive nature.

Next, after you have all the right equipment, you should prepare your surface. The surface should be clean and all of the surfaces that are going to be soldered should be cleaned with a solvent and steel wool. All of your equipment should be free from debris as well.

Now you can start the actual soldering process. Bend the leads of the component and fit them through the correct holes in the board. Touch the pad and the lead with the iron’s tip to allow them both to heat up. After both are properly heated, you can begin soldering. The result should be a shiny connection with no cold joints (bubbles in solder).

After you have soldered everything that you need to, you need to clean up using solvent or steel wool to remove the extra rosin.

Check out this video on circuit board soldering. It goes a little more in-depth than my post, and gives you a visual reference as well.

New Luxo ESD-Safe Microscopes Review

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Luxo has come out with a new series of microscopes – the ESD-safe, 23mm System 273 Binocular Microscopes. They are designed for inspection and assembly use in ESD-sensitive environments, and their static dissipation is controlled by their ESD-safe lenses and body.

The lenses and eyepieces are protected with an anti-reflective coating that changes the electrical composition at the material’s surface. The body and the stand are coated with paint-laced metal. In addition, the surfaces are no longer insulated; therefore, triboelectric charging will produce lower voltages.

Here are a few more features of the Luxo ESD-safe, 23mm System 273 Binocular Microscopes:

  • provides 270X total optical magnification
  • 8” working distance and 15% greater field view (compared with Luxo System 250 models)
  • smaller body giving you a greater workspace
  • durable aluminum housing
  • comes with 10X, 23mm widefield eyepieces and eyeshields
  • rotates 360°
  • zoom range of 0.7-4.5 (magnification range of 7X-45X)
  • can be used with Luxo’s single boom stands or dual boom ball-bearing stands

Since 1937 Luxo has been a supplier of microscopes, task lighting, and illuminated magnifiers. All-Spec Industries is a proud carrier of Luxo ESD-safe microscopes as well as other Luxo products.