Rectangular Vs. Round Lens Magnifiers

by Michelle R. on June 30, 2014

When it comes to magnification and lens types, is rectangular necessarily better than round?  In this case the advantage is indisputable. Designed to optimize the overall viewing area, a 6.75” rectangular lens offers a 6” field of vision, whereas a 5” round lens provides just 3”. The rectangular options offers double the viewing area while the image is in focus – significantly increasing usable workspace.

We offer a range of rectangular lens magnifiers in a variety of diopters to enhance the productivity of every application. Shop with All-Spec and save on the essential magnification solution that’s perfectly suited to your task.


What Could YOU Make? Quant 3D Printing Is Here

by Michelle R. on June 27, 2014

Quant 3D prototyping printers have arrived at All-Spec, and we’ve just finished our very first print project. For the sake of time and experimentation, we opted for the “Fast Print” setting during this initial round to reveal a functional new iPhone case in just over an hour. (For higher quality production, opt for “Normal” or Fine” print settings.)

Quant 3D printers make it easy and affordable to bring your ideas to life – they’re perfect for prototyping and manufacturing applications including architectural, automotive, industrial, medical and more. To get a better view of our first printing, check out the short Instagram video below – and get your new Quant 3D printer today at All-Spec.


In Store for You: 3 Hot New Hakko Products for 2014

by Michelle R. on June 25, 2014

Look to the company who sets the industry standard in soldering and rework for some the best new products of 2014. Read on to discover what’s new from Hakko, and find it all in store right here at All-Spec.

FX-100 Soldering Station
Engineered to continuously power the soldering iron, this innovative station is based on induction heater technology to reduce power loss and preserve set temperatures.

FR-300 Desoldering Iron
Compact and powerful, the FR-300 brings industrial capability to the workbench or the field while minimizing both maintenance and overall waste.  

FM2032-51 Micro Soldering Iron
Ideal for work under magnification, this ESD-safe design ensures optimal heat transfer, precision and control for a range of micro component applications.  


With decades of industry experience and thousands of ESD products online, no one knows more about static control than All-Spec. We’ve been your single-source ESD solution provider for more than 25 years, with leading brands like LabTech, 3M, Desco, Metro Totes and many others. Our friendly experts are always ready to assist, so you can rest assured that you’ve found the perfect static control solution for your unique environment. You simply won’t find a more complete offering from anyone else – shop All-Spec today, and save on all your ESD essentials.


1 Source for Soldering: Introducing PACE Worldwide

by Michelle R. on June 20, 2014

A global leader in solutions and systems for soldering, rework and electronic repair, PACE is now available directly through All-Spec. From the invention of the first self-contained vacuum desoldering system to their modern-day line of innovative solutions, PACE is always at the forefront of product design. Discover the complete range – from soldering and rework systems to support products and consumables – for less, right here at All-Spec.