Loctite Anti-Seize: Have You Made the Switch?

by Michelle R. on April 1, 2015

From the global leader in anti-seize lubricants, discover a product that simply does more. Designed for optimal protection and lubrication, Loctite Anti-Seize is specially formulated to ease assembly and disassembly of threaded joints, slip/press fits and more. Engineered to defend against corrosion, rust, galling and seizure, Loctite Anti-Seize can extend the life of costly fittings while also limiting parts breakage.

But what really sets Loctite Anti-Seize apart? Available in a range of metal-free formulations, there’s a solution for virtually any application. And, when it comes to military specifications, only Loctite Anti-Seize is MIL-PRF-907F certified. So look to the leader – shop Loctite Anti-Seize lubricants at All-Spec.

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Special Pricing! ASG Takes You Back to the 90s

by Michelle R. on March 30, 2015

Get ready – beginning April 1st through June 30th, ASG is taking you back in time with special 90s pricing. Enjoy retro price tags on your favorite HIOS electric screwdrivers, and you’ll even receive a free PS-55 power supply (valued at $234.35) with your purchase. ASG pricing hasn’t been this good since the days before Y2K – so take advantage of this incredible offer before it’s history. View the full promotion for details.

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What’s New from Desco?

by Michelle R. on March 27, 2015

Discover the latest new products from an industry leader in static control solutions – now available directly through All-Spec at better prices every day.

Emit Charged Plate AnalyzerDesigned for fast and reliable ionizer performance, Desco’s Charged Plate Analyzer tests efficiency, measures discharge times and assesses positive/negative air ion output balance.

Trustat Benchtop IonizerWith rapid decay times and a compact footprint, the Trustat eliminates static charge quickly while steady state DC ionization ensures efficient discharge.

Kasuga Benchtop Ionizer w/Cleaning Brush –  Engineered for use within a 12” x 48” space, this benchtop ionizer features a built-in  emitter cleaning brush to remove contaminants.

Kasuga NIH-55 Ionizer Nozzle – With its point-of-use design, the NIH-55 Ionizer Nozzle neutralizes static charge using a focused airstream to easily deliver airflow in difficult-to-reach spaces.

Kasuga Body Potential Meter – Developed to measure the reliability of personal grounding systems, the Body Potential Meter analyzes both peak and current static voltage.

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Your Favorite Brady Products – In Stock Now!

by Michelle R. on March 25, 2015

The industry standard in labeling and printing solutions, Brady is trusted around the globe for their efficient and reliable products. And you’ll find more than 200 different labels and labeling ribbons along with a complete range of printers right here at All-Spec. There’s never been a better time to stock up – your favorite Brady labeling systems, ribbons and printers are in stock now, at better prices than ever. Discover solutions designed for performance – shop Brady at All-Spec.

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