Here at All-Spec, we’re always keeping an eye out for helpful tips and useful information that we can pass along to you in our monthly Industry Roundup. Read on for some of the best publications and most informative articles we’ve found during the past few weeks.

Solder Paste Ingredients vs. Performance: What’s the true impact of soldering paste ingredients on your assembly line? Download this free white paper and take a closer look at the potential effects.

Who Benefits from the Internet of Things? Expected to become a $46 billion industry by the end of 2014, electronic components manufacturers are seeing big potential in this evolving device market.

Big Cleaning Jobs vs. Small Cleaners: Considering a batch type washer over a traditional inline washing system? Download this free publication for a comparative look at the differences and benefits.

Should We Invest in 3D Optical Inspection for Solder Defects? Is soldering defect search and inspection costing you in overtime? A 3D automated optical inspection system may offer the solution.

3D Printing Industry Poised to Explode: Touted as an “overnight success 30 years in the making”, the 3D printer has arrived, and is poised for unprecedented success for the prototyping market and beyond.




Are you disposing of used aerosol cans properly? While procedures may vary from state to state, it’s easy to help protect the environment by following standard EPA hazardous waste regulations to ensure safe disposal. Read on for our general guidelines below.

  • Aerosol can contents are packed under pressure and can be potentially explosive. Prior to disposal, many cans can be brought to atmospheric pressure by emptying the contents until they are no longer pressurized (the can no longer sprays).
  • Once cans have been emptied, check with your waste management group to see if they can be accepted for recycling. If not, empties can go in the trash.
  • Cans containing leftover hazardous chemicals should be taken to your county household hazardous waste collection site, which can be found by contacting your local solid waste management facility.


Who knew custom fabricated materials and related services could be so easy and affordable? A subsidiary of Hisco, Precision Converting specializes in effortless, reasonably priced solutions for thousands of applications ranging from aerospace and auto to medical equipment and more. Let the experienced manufacturing engineers at this unique company help you design the ideal tape or converting solution for your application. To learn more, visit



Rectangular Vs. Round Lens Magnifiers

by Michelle R. on June 30, 2014

When it comes to magnification and lens types, is rectangular necessarily better than round?  In this case the advantage is indisputable. Designed to optimize the overall viewing area, a 6.75” rectangular lens offers a 6” field of vision, whereas a 5” round lens provides just 3”. The rectangular options offers double the viewing area while the image is in focus – significantly increasing usable workspace.

We offer a range of rectangular lens magnifiers in a variety of diopters to enhance the productivity of every application. Shop with All-Spec and save on the essential magnification solution that’s perfectly suited to your task.


What Could YOU Make? Quant 3D Printing Is Here

by Michelle R. on June 27, 2014

Quant 3D prototyping printers have arrived at All-Spec, and we’ve just finished our very first print project. For the sake of time and experimentation, we opted for the “Fast Print” setting during this initial round to reveal a functional new iPhone case in just over an hour. (For higher quality production, opt for “Normal” or Fine” print settings.)

Quant 3D printers make it easy and affordable to bring your ideas to life – they’re perfect for prototyping and manufacturing applications including architectural, automotive, industrial, medical and more. To get a better view of our first printing, check out the short Instagram video below – and get your new Quant 3D printer today at All-Spec.