Throughout the industry, professionals have come to rely on IDEAL strippers to get the job done. But are you using the right one? Read on to discover the differences between two of our most popular styles, and decide which works best for your application.

Stripmaster® – With knife-type blades to reduce nicking, cutting and fraying of commercial wires, the Stripmaster’s levering action provides stripping and slug removal in a single step while holding wire centered firmly in the stripping hole. The Stripmaster Lite incorporates the same features, but it is three quarters of the Stripmaster’s size and conveniently designed for users with smaller hands. This option requires 1/3 less hand pressure for operation.

T®-Stripper – With its tough steel construction, the T-Stripper’s sturdy plier nose design offers added gripping strength for demanding applications. Form-grounded knife-type blades ensure accurate stripping, with laser-etched wire gauge markings as a guide. The T-Stripper features a spring-loaded automatic opening, a corrosion-resistant black oxide finish and comfort-grip handles to reduce operator fatigue.


It’s the all-in-one disinfectant you’ve come to rely on for the cleanroom… and now it’s an even smarter investment than before. Fragrance-free, dye-free and highly effective, TexQ from Texwipe is now gamma irradiated.

How is gamma irradiation better for your cleanroom?  This sterilization method virtually eliminates contaminants from packages and their contents, even in the most difficult to reach areas. The new TexQ is also completely validated for sterility and double bagged for easy cleanroom introduction.

Maintain the sterile balance of your cleanroom with all-in-one TexQ disinfectant. Choose convenience or cost-effectiveness with our ready-to-use trigger spray (TX650) or one-gallon concentrate (TX651). Both are in stock now at All-Spec.


Searching for the right ESD-safe gloves? We carry a complete range of essentials including latex, nitrile, fiber knit and more. Read on to discover our top picks… then get your hands on the perfect solution for your workspace.

  1. Showa-Best GREEN-DEX™ Nitrile Gloves: Biodegradable and powder-free, these disposable 4mil gloves offer a green alternative while maintaining the same properties as standard nitrile gloves. Even the shipping cases and dispensers are constructed of 100% recycled material.
  2. All-Spec Cleanroom 300F Hot Gloves: Specially engineered for cleanroom use, our gloves feature an outer poly/carbon knit layer for essential static control and heat protection. Designed for use with high temperature applications up to 302°F.
  3. Suzuki Latex Finger Cots: While not actually gloves, these finger cots are ideal for handling parts when a full glove isn’t necessary. Constructed of 100% pure natural rubber latex and designed for use with Class 1 and Class 2 static-sensitive devices.
  4. QRP Qualakote® Gloves: With nitrile coated fingertips to ensure a firm grip, these carbon/nylon knit gloves are ideal for assembly and inspection applications. They’re even reusable and machine washable without affecting ESD properties.
  5. All-Spec Textured Nitrile Gloves: Soft and disposable, these 4mil gloves reduce hand fatigue caused by elastometric stress while offering greater puncture resistance than other comparable disposables.


What Does Gamma Irradiation Mean for Your Cleanroom?

by Michelle R. on March 19, 2014

The cleanroom is the most vital component of your clean manufacturing process, so naturally you’d want to protect it. But how can you be sure the products you choose to maintain this delicate environment are truly sterile? That’s where gamma irradiation comes in. In simple terms, gamma irradiation is the use of ionizing radiation to eliminate contaminants, allowing for effective sterilization of airtight packages and other less accessible areas.

What does this mean for your cleanroom? Gamma irradiation is compatible with a wide range of formulas and materials, and is powerful enough to penetrate even hermetically sealed packages. With its readily predictable dose, gamma irradiation is also easy to validate and is residue free. So you can rest assured that essential cleaning products and protective garments aren’t actually contaminating your critical environment.

We offer a range of gamma irradiated products for the cleanroom, from gloves to wipers and isopropyl alcohol. Protect the integrity of your controlled environment and save today with All-Spec.


Which DeoxIT Should I Use?

by Michelle R. on March 17, 2014

With five unique formulas, DeoxIT solutions are engineered to effectively improve the performance and reliability of your electronic equipment. But which one is right for your application? Here, we break down the benefits and uses for each series.

DeoxIT D-Series: This fast-acting solution cleans, improves conductivity, lubricates and protects by dissolving oxides and sulfides that form on metal surfaces. For use with metal connections, batteries, light bulbs, switches and relays, jacks and plugs, harnesses, grounding blocks and more.

DeoxIT Gold G-Series: Ideal for gold and all nonferrous metal surfaces, this formula seals, conditions and protects to maximize system performance. Use it with computer connections, audio/video connections, low voltage devices, switches, RCA jacks, test equipment and even critical applications.

DeoxIT Shield S-Series: An essential for maintaining new system performance, this solution offers long-lasting protection in harsh environments where high humidity, pollution, sulphur, salts or acids are a factor. Apply to wire and cable, industrial computer equipment, and marine or industrial contacts.

DeoxIT FaderLube F-Series: Engineered to lubricate and protect plastic-to-plastic and plastic-to-metal surfaces, this formula offers improved performance and long-lasting protection. Use it with conductive plastics, faders, switches, and carbon-based controls.

DeoxIT Val-U Series: This fast-drying, economical solution is designed for general purpose use for applications where flammability is not a concern. Use this plastic-safe formula for cleaning and removing fluxes, light oils, waxes, greases or silicone.