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Sales, Clearance, and New Items at All-Spec!

by Andy on October 26, 2012

Sales, Clearance, and New Items at All-SpecWant to keep up with all of the latest specials at All-Spec Industries? We have a page devoted to keeping you on top of all of the great deals that we offer! If you go to our specials page you can find the portals to all of our sales, clearances, or new items. Below are some of the stand-out products from each of these categories.

All-Spec Sales

One of our most popular sale items is the CHP-170, which we recently did a product spotlight on. If you are looking for some soldering products, we have the Hakko FX-888, Kester solder wire, and Kester flux dispensing pens on sale. In addition, we are running plenty of sales on ASG, Weller, Master Appliance, Bevco, Atrix, and Unitron products. Remember, these sales are only available for limited times, so order soon and check back often for new sales.

All-Spec Clearances

Our clearance section is a great place to look for good deals. There are many items that are on sale for over 60% off, such as Crescent pliers and Desco Jewel® wrist strap bands. Most of these items will be gone when we run out of stock, so grab them while you can!

All-Spec New Items

We are always adding new items to our site, and here is where you can find the newest of the new! There are currently over 800 products that were added to our site in the last three months, and there are more in the pipe-line to be added soon. Check this section out regularly to keep up with all of our new products.