Product Spotlight: Caig DeoxIT®

by Andy on February 20, 2013

Caig DeoxIT Contact CleanersAerosol dusters are great to use when you just need to remove light layers of dust or dirt from electronics, but sometimes you need something stronger. Caig DeoxIT® is a line of contact cleaners in aerosol, wipe, and liquid form that not only remove surface contaminates, but also deoxidizes and protects your contacts.

Types of Caig DeoxIT®:

  • DeoxIT® contact cleaners not only remove dirt dust and grime, but also deoxidize metal surfaces through chemical action and reactions
  • DeoxIT® Gold improves contact performance by increasing current flow while decreasing heat and eliminating intermittents
  • DeoxIT® Shield provides long-lasting protection even in severe environments or on vibrating machinery
  • DeoxIT® FaderLube improves conductivity and lubricates faders, switches, and similar components, and are usable on conductive plastics and carbon compounds

We have a wide variety of Caig DeoxIT® contact cleaners in stock, so order yours today! Have any questions? Leave a comment below, or call Customer Service at (800) 537-0351.


Product Spotlight: DeoxIT® Contact Cleaner

by Andy on November 23, 2012

Caig DeoxIT Contact CleanerCaig DeoxIT® contact cleaner can be used to dissolve oxidation and corrosion to improve connector reliability, as well as rejuvenate and lubricate metal and plastic surfaces. You can use this contact cleaner to fill in microscopic gaps, as well as reseal surfaces for better electrical contact. Caig offers a number of different applicators, such as aerosol, brush, needle, pen, squeeze tube, and pump spray.


  • Reduces intermittent connections, arcing, wear, and abrasion
  • Aerosol applicators are non-ozone depleting
  • Typical temperature range: -29°F to 392°F
  • RoHS and VOC compliant

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Caig Hand-E-GloveHand-E-Glove®


The Caig Laboratories EEP-102-16 is a unique hand lotion that creates an invisible glove that protects and shields your hands from dirt, grease, chemicals and harsh contaminates while moisturizing your skin. This non-greasy hand lotion creates a thin film that protects pores, cracks and fingernails and does not impair your grip. Hand-E-Glove® also has anti-static properties to help reduce static build-up and discharge.

Hand-E-Glove®  is easily cleaned with only soap and water.  This invisible glove is made with natural/organic ingredients and contains no harsh or dangerous chemicals.

Available in 16 ounce pump style containers which hold up to 500 treatments.

For more information on the Caig Laboratories Hand-E-Glove® visit or call us at 1-(800) 537-0351.


Caig Laboratories Logo

Caig Labs is best known for their DeoxIT line of contact cleaners but they also manufacture dusters, wipes and conductive pens. Caig Laboratories DeoxIT is now recognized worldwide as a solution for fixing electrical connections.

Caig products are proudly manufactured in the United States and are used in a wide variety of industries including audio/video, avionics, medical, computer and many others plus it’s useful to keep in the shop, car and boat.

DeoxIT claims to have over 1,000 uses and using Deoxit on electrical connections and contacts will provide brighter lights, clearer audio and video and even prolonged product life.

One of the best selling products is the Caig S5S-6 DeoxIT Contact Cleaner.

Caig Laboratories D5S-6 Features:DeoxIT D5S-6

  • Acts as a combination contact cleaner, conductivity enhancer, lubricant and rejuvenator
  • Fills tiny taps and reseals surface for better flow of electricity
  • Dissolves corrosion and oxidation of metal connections
  • RoHS and VOC compliant

Already use Caig products? Be sure look over Caig’s DeoxIT transition information and cross references since the company recently made some product name and part number changes. The Caig Labs site also has several pages of great resources including: