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CircuitMedic PCB Repair Practice Kit

CircuitMedic PCB Repair Practice Kit

CircuitMedic is another new vendor for All-Spec, and their products are a first for us. CircuitMedic provides both tools and materials such as circuit frames, micro pad kits and micro drills for printed circuit board repair. The materials and tools in CircuitMedic’s kits have been used by medical, military and commercial eletronics manufacturers for years.

Becoming certified to repair PCBs? The CircuitMedic Repair Skills Practice Kit is a great tool to practice repair skills on a circuit board with a variety of real-life defects. All the materials needed including replacement conductors come with the kit.

Included in the kit:

  • 1 defective circuit board
  • 2 varieties circuit frames
  • 1 circuit track, .002″ x .010″
  • 1 circuit track, .005″ x .020″
  • 1 color agent, PMS 348
  • 2 epoxies
  • 50 flat flange eyelets, .030″ ID x .093″ length
  • 50 flat flange eyelets, .036″ ID x .092″ length
  • 2 foam swabs
  • 2 mixing sticks
  • 2 plastic cups
  • 2 plastic probes
  • 1 Kapton tape
  • The damaged circuit board included in the kit has the following defects, damaged base board, damaged conductors, damaged lands, damaged surface mount pads, damaged edge contacts and damaged plated holes.

    If you don’t need the practice kit, I recommend the CircuitMedic professional circuit board repair kit. This complete kit keeps all necessary repair tools and materials in a convenient case.