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What is Torque?

by Andy on July 1, 2011

Torque WrenchTorque is defined as a force which creates a rotation of an object around an axis.  The basic formula is the length of the tool multiplied by the force exerted which creates the torque. A good example of torque is using a wrench to tighten bolts. Torque is often measured in inch pounds, inch ounces, foot pounds and Newton meters.

A torque wrench is the the basic tool used to apply torque to a nut, bolt or other type of fastener.   There are varying kinds of torque wrenches including the simple beam wrench, click wrench, No-Hub wrench, electronic torque wrench, hydraulic torque wrench and deflecting beam wrench. Torque wrenches are important in order to meet the specified torque for a particular application. This is crucial because over tightening fasteners can damage an item or break the fastener itself. Torque wrenches also ensure that the bolted surfaces have the least amount of wear for the longest life possible.

In addition to torque wrenches, All-Spec also carries torque screwdrivers, insulated torque wrenches, torque power drivers and torque driver handles.