desoldering station

Weller WXD2 Desoldering StationThe Weller WXD2 is a dual channel ESD-safe desoldering station that supports the simultaneous operation of two 120W soldering tools. WXD2 stations are perfect for production facilities large and small, allowing you to keep two tools set up and ready to go. This way you can easily switch between soldering and desoldering, or even have two operators working at once! The capacitive touch screen as well as turn-and-click wheel and six touch keys keeps set-up easy and operation smooth. Be sure to check out our full line of WXD products today!


  • ESD-safe aluminum base with anti-static coating provides protection for sensitive products
  • Capacitive touch screen and keys have anti-static, chemical, and temperature resistant coating
  • Lock function can secure settings to keep operator from changing settings
  • Automatic tool recognition makes set-up simple
  • USB port allows for parameter configuration and data logging
  • Can be used with Weller fume extractors and heating plates with accessory adapter

Do you have any questions on Weller WXD2 desoldering stations? Leave a comment below or call Customer Service at (800) 537-0351 today!


Sales at All-Spec Industries

by Andy on March 15, 2013

All-Spec Specials -- Sales, Clearance, and New Items

As you may know we have a section in our site where you can find all of our sale, clearance, and new items. Today we want to highlight a few products from each of these sections that you may have missed!

Sale Items

K-Sun printers: We are currently offering the K-Sun LABELShop, Green Machine, and Bee3+ printers for up to 40% off.

Weller desoldering station: We also have select Weller WR2000 and WR3000 soldering stations for up to 11% off.

Clearance Items

Kester flux: We have some of our Kester flux on sale for 33% off until we run out of stock.

Wrist straps: Some of our Desco Jewel and All-Spec adjustable wrist straps are on clearance for 60% and 30% respectively.

New Items

Lab Coats: We have greatly expanded our Desco and Lab Tech offerings! We now have more sizes, styles, and colors to fit your needs.

Simco-Ion Ionizers: All-Spec has added some new bench-top ionizers for critical environments to our site.


Weller WXD2020Until the end of April, we are offering an additional 10% off our already low price on Weller WXD desoldering station kits! The WXD series is a line of ESD-safe desoldering stations that are usable with Weller desoldering irons, soldering irons, and rework tweezers. This station is also compatible with select Weller fume extractors and heating plates with the adapter accessory and connection cable (sold separately).

The unit that comes with our WXD kits is the WXD2, a dual channel digital control power unit for WX desoldering stations. This power unit has a digital display, with six touch keys, a turn-and-click wheel, and capacitive touch screen to make it easy to set up and change settings. It also supports dual independent tool channels, and has automatic tool recognition to allow for fast switching between accessories.

Be sure to check out our site or call Customer Service at (800) 537-0351 for more information on the Weller WXD desoldering stations. Have any more questions? Feel free to leave a comment below!


Going on now through June 30, 2012,  save 10% on these (5) select power units from Weller!

Additional details and features of these Weller Power Units include:

  • Weller WD1 Station Weller WD1 ESD-Safe Digital 85W Soldering Power Unit: Compatible with WSP80 and WMP soldering pencils.


  • Weller WD1M Station Weller WD1M ESD Micro Digital 160W Solder and Rework Station: Compatible with WMRS soldering pencil and WMRT desoldering tweezers.


  • Weller WX2 Station Weller WX2 ESD-Safe WX Series Digital Dual Channel Soldering Station: Supports operation of two 120W soldering tools simultaneously.


  • Weller WX1 Station Weller WX1 ESD-Safe WX Series Digital Single Channel Soldering Station: Compatible with WXP65, WXP120, WXP200, WXMP soldering pencils & WXMT desoldering tweezers.


  • Weller WR2 Station Weller WR2 ESD-Safe Digital Soldering/Rework Power Unit: Dual independent tool channels with automatic tool recognition.


Take advantage of these great offers today!


We are proud to announce a 10% off Cooper Hand Tools sale we are currently running on 6 Desoldering Stations from Weller!

These digital stations include:

Weller WR2000VX Digital Rework Station  –Weller WR2000VX Digitial Self-Contained Dual Channel Rework Station with DXV80 Desoldering Pencil.

  • Will operate all Weller 200 watt soldering and desoldering tools

Weller WR3000M+WRK Digital Rework SystemWeller WR3000M+WRK 3 Function Digital Rework System, with WRK SMD Rework Kit.

  • Compatible with high speed micro tools WMRP and WMRT

Weller WDD81X Digital Desolder StationWeller WDD81X Digital Desolder Station with DXV80 Desoldering Iron.

  • 80 Watt power provides faster heat up and better performance. DXV80 iron uses DX series desoldering tiplets

Weller WR2000X Digital Dual Channel Rework StationWeller WR2000X Digital Self-Contained Dual Channel Rework Station with DXV80 Desoldering Iron.

  • Dual independent tool channels with automatic tool recognition and ECO button for “sleep mode”

Weller WR3000M Digital Rework SystemWeller WR3000M 3 Function Digital Rework System with DXV80 Desoldering Iron, WP80 Soldering Iron and HAP200 Hot Air Iron.

  • Air and vacuum ports allow the use of up to 3 tools simultaneously and also includes rest with each tool

Weller WR2000 Digital Dual Channel Rework StationWeller WR2000 Digital Self-Contained Dual Channel Rework Station with HAP 1 Hot Air Pencil.

  • Programmable temperature/memory key and temperature range from 150° F to 999°F

These Weller Desoldering Stations will be on sale through March 31, 2012, be sure not to miss out!