ESD-Safe Sole GrounderFor those of you who need ESD protection while standing or walking for extended hours on the job, All-Spec Industries has the solution for you. The Ergo-Stat™ ES-7000 ESD-safe sole grounder by Static Solutions is like portable matting for the wearer and greatly reduces worker’s fatigue while providing consistent ESD protection when walking. It comes equipped with a removable 1 mega ohm resister and an 18” conductive ribbon.

As an eco-friendly option, the Ergo-Stat™ uses up to 90% less material and produces less waste when the mat needs to be replaced. In addition, the Ergo-Stat™ shoe grounders are a lower cost option to ESD-safe matting and decreases both cleaning and maintenance.

Available in sizes small to x-large, this table will help you to decide which sole cover is the best fit.




Small Ergo-Stat
Men: 6-7
Women: 7-8
Small Ergo-Stat
Men: 5-6
Women: 6-7
Medium Ergo-Stat
Men: 8-10
Women: 9-11
Medium Ergo-Stat
Men: 7-9
Women: 8-10
Large Ergo-Stat
Men: 11-13
Women: 12-13
Large Ergo-Stat
Men: 10-12
Women: 11-13
X-Large Ergo-Stat
Men: 14-16
Women: N/A
X-Large Ergo-Stat
Men: 13-15
Women: N/A

Static Solutions Ergo-Stat™ sole grounders can be used in industries such as manufacturing, clean room, pharmaceutical, defense, munitions, medical, quality control.

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