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What to Consider When Choosing an Electro-Static Disapative (ESD) Mat

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Choose your ESD mat with care


Sierra Heavy Duty Rubber Worktop Mat Kit with Wrist Strap, Ground Cord and Snaps

Like everything in manufacturing, the Electro-Static Disapative (ESD) mat, whatever type, continues to evolve to keep areas ESD-safe. Before you buy, think about what you really need to do the job. Mats come in all sizes and shapes and materials and can be expensive, depending on the application.

First the skinny on ESD mat types –

Conductive Mats (101 to 105 ohm) – low electrical resistance allowing ESD to flow across the surface. When grounded the ESD flows to ground and neutralizes the excess charge on the mat and worker.

Anti-Static Mats (105 to 1012 ohm) – higher electrical resistance than conductive mats and like conductive mats allow ESD to flow across the surface, however at a slower rate to prevent damage to microcircuit devices unable to tolerate a sudden flow of static charge from the device to a grounded mat.

Non-Conductive Mats (Insulator) (1012 ohm or higher) – prevent the flow of ESD across the surface. Generally used in high voltage environments where electrical charge movement of is undesirable and potentially life threatening.



  1. Rate of Neutralization– for work environments and many applications mats for neutralizing ESD range from 105 to 1011 ohm to efficiently address static. Dissipation of static electric charges will happen rapidly and at a controlled rate.
  2. Setting– Will the mat be used on carpet or hard surface like concrete? Mats can cause accidents, for instance, tripping if on carpet, or sliding if on concrete. Most rubber and vinyl conductive and anti-static mats will not wear well against chairs or carts. The wheels and weight will cause breakdown. Use ESD mats made to work on carpet or under chairs.
  3. CostA highpriced mat doesn’t mean it’s the right mat. For instance, more expensive ones like conductive mats could damage devices with microcircuits by reducing static charges too fast.
  4. Cleaning – Keep your mat clean and residue-free. Special static control cleaning solutions are available. Some mats can be dry-mopped or just swept.
  5. Life of Your Mat – If properly cared for, mats can last for years. Depending on your mat type, they can be self-healing and also very resistant to solder drips and spits.


  • ESD mats protect sensitive equipment by drawing static electricity off workers before they touch susceptible objects. An ESD mat safely transfers static from a worker to the ground.
  • They’re generally cushy—so they help your back, your feet, everything that can begin to hurt after hours of standing up. Think anti-fatigue.

Note – Ungrounded conductive or anti-static mats hold an ESD charge and will transfer a charge to the next thing the mat touches.

All-Spec carries a large assortment of ESD mats. Have questions? Our customer service representatives can help guide you to the right mat for your application.


Did you know?  The most significant invention to accelerate the electronics revolution happened in 1948 with the invention of the transistor. Next, in 1958 Jack Kirby invented the integrated circuit (Nobel Prize winner 2000) Half a year later Robert Noyce (and a co-founder of Intel) opened the door to smaller and more reliable, complex devices with the invention of the computer chip. Today, IC architectures can carry more than a billion transistors on a chip and soon may execute more than 4 trillion calculations per second. All this has led to less spacing between pin-outs of each chip and the transistors’ gates and junctions and, therefore the need for advanced ESD control. (more)

The Benefits of ESD-Safe Turntables -Take One for a Spin

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Remember the lazy Susan?

imagesOnce a staple on every dining room table where with a spin of a wooden disc your salt and pepper shakers suddenly appeared in front of you. The same idea works for an ESD-safe turntable, however this disc does much more than turn.

Just like the revolving server, the turntable rotates to make working on large products and assemblies easier. With an ESD-safe turntable you avoid lifting heavy objects and–potential back injuries. With just a turn of the wheel you can access your next work area with ease—no lifting, lugging or jostling into place. And of course, the turntable eliminates electrostatic build-up.

The devices can be used on grounded or ungrounded surfaces, however on ungrounded surfaces the turntable must be grounded. The sizes range from 12” to 20” and come in different shapes depending on your application and preference.


ESD-Safe Turntable – Not for use with food. Great for heavy objects.

The ESD-safe turntable can be an invaluable tool in the electronics industry and has become a staple in its own right at many workstations. See a choice of ESD-safe turntables at All-Spec including these brands – Protektive Pak, Fancort, Sovella and Desco.

Summary –

  • Keeps heavy objects grounded and shielded from static
  • Eliminates heavy lifting or transport
  • Protects workers, products and components
  • Useful all kinds of heavy assembly, rework or maintenance jobs
  • Removes charges on contact with grounded ESD surfaces



SEE HOW IT WORKS – Protektive Pak ESD Turntable

Swedish Nurses Have Helped Develop Your Next Shoes

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Nurses in a Swedish hospital a while back discovered what many of us know already — crocs™ are extremely comfortable to wear at work. Soon more and more were wearing them, but little did they know the rubberized soles could lead to a build-up of static.  When critical medical equipment suddenly failed 3 separate times, hospital administrators went looking for a reason.  They eventually traced the problem to the shoes and banned them from the facility.

The good news in all of this is it spurred crocs to develop the new ESD-safe version now stocked and available through All-Spec.  Now everyone in a cleanroom or static sensitive environment can enjoy all-day, on-the-job comfort.   Designed with a wide base, anatomically correct heel and medical arch support, you get a secure, stable fit.  The foam-based material absorbs shocks to your feet, knees, hips and lower back, significantly reducing fatigue.


  • Surface resistivity: 1×105 – 1×108
  • Cleanroom class 10,000 (ISO 4)
  • Material: Proprietary foam-based material
  • Colors: White or black
  • Men’s sizes: 3-13
  • Women’s sizes: 5-12


You’ll find the complete line of ESD-safe crocs in your choice of black or white at  Have any questions or comments?  Leave a message below or call Customer Service at (800) 537-0351.

Product Spotlight: crocs™ ESD Lites® Conductive Shoes

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ESD-safe and Cleanroom crocs™All-Spec Industries is now stocking ESD-safe cleanroom crocs! We offer a wide variety of sizes in white and black, so that you can stay comfortable even in protected work areas. These shoes conform to industry standards in healthcare, pharmaceutical, and electronics manufacturing and are easy to sterilize with bleach and water. The orthotic molded foot bed also provides comfort and support to help reduce operator fatigue, and the closed toe and heel strap provide added safety.


  • Extremely lightweight, soft and super comfortable
  • Conductive up to at least 2 years in a cleanroom environment
  • Reversible heel strap
  • Slip resistant soles
  • Bacteria and odor resistant
  • Compliant for ESD and particle generation


  • Surface resistivity: 1×105 – 1×108
  • Cleanroom class 10,000 (ISO 4)
  • Material: Proprietary foam-based material
  • Colors: White or black
  • Men’s sizes: 3-13
  • Women’s sizes: 5-12

Be sure to check out our full line of ESD-safe crocs at Have any questions or comments? Leave a message below, or call Customer Service at (800) 537-0351 today!

Product Spotlight: All-Spec Heavy Duty Workbenches

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All-Spec Heavy Duty WorkbenchOur All-Spec Industries heavy duty workbenches are perfect for harsh work environments and heavy products. By adding additional supports, the heavy duty benches can hold 5,000 lbs. We offer this bench with normal, ESD-safe, and phenolic resin tops, so you can get the exact protection that you need.


  • Rolled front edge for extra comfort
  • Adjustable legs allow the bench to go from 30 to 36” tall
  • Regular and ESD-safe come with white top, phenolic resin comes with white or black top
  • Comes with blue (regular and ESD-safe) or grey (phenolic resin) frames
  • Many accessories available to customize your bench
  • Size ranges from 24×48” to 36×120”
  • Meets ANSI, BIFMA, DIN, and GSA structural standards

Check out our site to see our full line of accessories for the All-Spec heavy duty benches. Have any more questions? Leave a comment below, or call Customer Service at (800) 537-0351 today!