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[IT News] Express Checkout Coming Soon!

by Glen B. on January 23, 2012

Express checkout is coming very soon to our main site! Our mobile site will be getting an express checkout as well but it is still being developed. We hope that this feature will help expedite your buying even more. The new express checkout profile can be linked to our XML services for new and current customer integrations which can help streamline and automate the supply chain. If your IT department may be interested in integrating your buying process with our servers, then please have them contact and request more information. We can accommodate most ordering, tracking, and communication integration/automation requests.

Our recent checkout and shopping cart overhaul has made shopping and buying much easier than before. Express checkout makes placing orders even easier by filling out more information for you automatically and also skipping steps. If you ship to the same address and use the same credit card every time you order then this will make checkout a 3 or 4 click process! You can also pay with net terms instead of a credit card if you have existing credit approval from us.

Here are some options that will be available in the new express profile settings:

– Credit card payment method (Card Wallet selection – you specify a security code at checkout)
– Terms payment method (You specify a PO number at checkout)
– Shipping address
– Shipping notes
– Shipping method for each of the different shipping groups/icons
– Shipping payment method for each group/icon (put on invoice/card or use a specific shipping account number)
– LTL/Freight service options including liftgate, limited access pickup/delivery, ship notification, etc

This information is saved in your express checkout profile and then put into the checkout process while also bypassing steps 1 and 2. Once you enter a security code for the pre-chosen credit card, or enter a PO number for terms payment, then you can submit your order like normal with a couple of clicks. If you need to make a change for an order you are free to go back through the checkout steps before submitting your order.

Thanks for your business and your support! More web enhancements, process enhancements and technology adoptions are already in the works here to better meet your needs. I will be posting a blog soon stating the process and technology work we have planned for this year. Would a specific technology, document type/format or process make your buying, receiving, tracking, production, etc easier? Let know and we will review your request and respond with an answer.

Glen Batchelor