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Zero in on Smog with Weller’s Fume Extractors

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Weller Zero Smog Fume Extractors Compared


Smog – fog or haze combined with smoke and other atmospheric pollutants

Weller’s fume extractors remove dangerous gases and harmful particles out of the air, typically while soldering to create a healthier environment. If you’re in the market for a fume extractor, one of your best bets–Weller’s Zero Smog line including the Zero Smog TL (their newest model), Zero Smog EL, or the Zero Smog 2, depending on your overall work conditions and needs.

Zero Smog TL

The Zero Smog TL, Weller’s newest fume extractor has several appealing benefits. Probably the most liked—the low noise level. The other may be the extra-large filter surface resulting in an increase in the life of the system. Filters can be a pain to change, so the system also allows for easy filter replacement.

Choose from two different unit kit models (Zero Smog® EL Fume Extraction Unit Kit, Zero Smog® TL Fume Extraction Unit Kit with Filters, Brackets, Arm, Hose and Switch, 120V) and one unit-only model (Zero Smog® TL Fume Extraction Unit with H13 and F7 Filters, 120V).

Summary –

  • Low noise levels
  • Automated filter change notification system
  • Easily operated and easy filter replacement
  • Exceptionally large filter surface
  • Longer service life due to exceptionally large filter surface

*For connection to a WX /WT station a WX/WT Hub is needed

Zero Smog EL

The portable Zero Smog EL touts a high level of extraction power of 2,500 PA—used mainly for light duty removal of particles. The long life, brushless turbine and blower capacity of 220 m3/h plus the two-person capacity make for a good, solid choice. The system has an easy filter change and long service life due to the maintenance-free brushless EC turbine.

Comes as a unit (Zero Smog® EL Fume Extraction Unit) or a kit (Zero Smog® EL Fume Extraction Unit Kit).

Summary –

  • Fume extraction unit for 1 to 2 workplaces
  • Fine dust pre-filter M5; change out without having to change main filter
  • Active carbon foam for effective gas filtering
  • Exceptionally large HEPA H13 filter surface 2,4m²; increases filter lifetime
  • 4-speed setting and power regulation
  • Filter monitoring and filter alarm ensure timely filter change


Zero Smog 2

The Weller Zero Smog 2 is one of their more economical systems built to manage hand soldering fumes as well as fumes caused during gluing, cleaning and filling work. This is a small workhorse system that can handle both general and heavy duty soldering and accommodate two workplaces.

Comes as a unit (Zero Smog® 2 Benchtop Fume Extraction Unit 120V) or as a kit (Zero Smog® 2 Benchtop Fume Extraction Kit with ALFA Funnel Nozzle, 120V).

Summary –

  • Economical unit purifies air for up to two workplaces
  • Easy filter exchange
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Portable fume extraction unit


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Sale Reminder: Weller Fume Extractor Promotion

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We wanted to send out a reminder that until February 28, 2013 we are supporting the Weller fume extractor promotion! When you buy a select Weller fume extractor kits you can receive a free WF60 arm kit with funnel nozzle. This is a great value, giving you either a free first arm for your WFE2ES or WFE2X, or a free second arm for a second station with the WFE2ESKIT1 and WFE2XKIT1.

To get this great deal, just place an order for any eligible fume extractor systems, and then send a copy of your invoice along with the redemption form to Weller to get your free arm kit.

Have any questions? Leave a comment below, or call Customer Service at (800) 537-0351 for more details!

10 Soldering Accessories for your Workstation

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It is quite obvious that every soldering station needs a soldering iron, but what other items should you be using on your workbench? While worktop real estate can be hard to come by, here are 10 items that you should consider for your work area to make your projects easier and safer.

Soldering Workstation

1.     Fume Extractor: The flux used in both lead-free and leaded solder will release harmful fumes when melted, so it is important to have proper protection. A bench top fume extractor/absorber can help keep your air clean and breathable.

2.     ESD-Safe Mat: Proper grounding is essential in any ESD sensitive project. If your product can be damaged by static discharge then a properly grounded ESD-safe mat is the protection you need.

3.     Magnifier: In order to solder anything you need to be able to see what you are doing. If you are doing any precision work then magnification is essential, options include magnifiers, microscopes, and video inspection systems.

4.     Circuit Board Holder: You want your hands to be free to work with the soldering iron and solder, so having a vise or work holder is essential for those of us with only two hands.

5.     Solder Wire Holder: Having a proper solder dispenser can help keep your work flowing smoothly. A stationary holder can keep your solder wire from rolling away, and make one handed solder feeding much easier.

6.     Solder Tip Cleaning Sponge: While you are working you need to keep your solder tips clean to ensure a long lifespan. Many soldering irons and stations come with sponges, but having a clean sponge or wire pad can be a solder tip saver.

7.     ESD-Safe Pliers: Sometimes you need precision or a little extra leverage when working with your components. From bending to twisting, ESD-safe pliers can give you a better grasp on your project.

8.     Vacuum Pick-Up Pen: If you need to move small, delicate pieces around your project, vacuum pick-up pens may be your best bet. They have the added benefit of being gentler than pliers, allowing you to place sensitive parts where you need them.

9.     Flush Cutters: When you have a small piece of a component sticking out that you need to clip off, flush cutters are extremely helpful.

10.  Inspection Arrows: If you are working with a team on a project, then paper/vinyl inspection arrows can allow you to easily point out areas of interest for your coworkers. This is especially helpful if you have to leave notes for the next shift, or point out components for other departments.

Do you have a soldering accessory that you can’t work without? Leave a comment below and tell us what you use at your workstation!

Visual Proof of What Fume Extractors Eliminate From the Air

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A little over a month ago we explained the basic parts of a Weller Zero-Smog fume extractor. But, I’m guessing many of you would like to see the visual evidence of the dangerous gases and particles that could be in your lungs if they weren’t eliminated by a fume extractor.

The nice people over at Weller wrote an awesome post about the results of 90 minutes of soldering. It’s a great read if you are debating the expense of purchasing a fume extractor. The article proves it is important to use some sort of fume extraction even if you solder as a hobby after work or on the weekends.

To influence you even more, here’s a preview.

Weller Fume Filter

{photo credit: Weller Zero-Smog Blog}

Basic Parts of a Weller Zero-Smog Fume Extractor

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Weller Zero-Smog Fume Extractors We recently added Weller’s line of Zero-Smog fume extractors . Fume extractors are an integral part of any workplace environment where hazardous fumes and/or smoke are present. Exposure to the fumes can cause nosebleeds, asthma, sore throat and possibly even long term health problems.

In basic form, all Weller fume extractors have three parts, a collection point, an airflow source and of course, a filter system.

1. The collection point is just that, a place where the fumes enter the fume extraction system. There are two different types of collection points: volume extraction and tip extraction. The common goal for both types of fume extractors is to remove the fumes as close to the source as possible.

Tip Extraction – Used for hand soldering or any small work area…the fumes typically travel through a small tube mounted on the iron.

Volume Extraction – This type of extraction is for larger areas and is usually set up with a nozzle positioned as close to the source of the fumes.

2. The airflow source is simply how the fumes get from the source to the filter. Understandably, the size and type of vacuum pump used depend on the size and type of extraction system.

According the Weller’s Zero-Smog site, volume fume extractors require a high airflow rate but a Weller Zero Smog Filter lower vacuum (generally 2,800 Pa maximum). On the other hand, tip fume extractors use a lower airflow but a higher vacuum (up to 12,000 Pa for efficient fume extraction)

3. The star of the show is of course the filter system. Weller units employ three filters to get the job done. The first is a dust filter to remove the largest particles. The second filter is a microfilter designed to remove nearly all the smaller particles. Lastly, the gas filter uses activated carbon and chemisorbant to clean the airflow.

All of Weller’s fume extractors are ESD-safe and available with a variety of ports, filters, arms, hoses and nozzles.

Having trouble trying to decide which fume extractor to purchase? Use Weller’s fume extractor selection guide to assist you in figuring on what system fits your application.