How do Epoxies Work?

by Andy on October 1, 2012

Double Bubble EpoxyEpoxies are very strong adhesives, used to bond two objects when normal glue will not work. Typical epoxies contain a resin and a hardener, which are inert on their own. Once you mix the resin and hardener they will start to become rigid, creating a tough bond between two objects.

Depending on the chemical make-up and the ambient temperature, the curing process can take from 5 minutes up to multiple hours. This allows you to select the epoxy with as long of a work-life as you need, so it will set fast or a longer period of malleability.

Many epoxies come in special syringe containers that allow for exact mixture ratios. These syringes can have plungers of different sizes to make it easy to get a 1:1, 2:1, or higher mix ratio for the most effective bond. Disposable mix nozzles are also available to automatically mix the epoxy as it comes out of the syringe.

Other epoxies that do not need exact mix ratios may come in small dual-pouch packets that can be cut open, squeezed out, and then mixed together to cure. This can also be useful if you do not need a large amount of epoxy, as once you use part of a syringe the rest of it will go bad faster than when it is sealed.

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