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A Heat Gun that Reads Surface Temperature

by Andy on December 31, 2014

Now you can have a heat gun that displays the temperature of the object you’re heating!

With its electronically integrated infrared sensor, Master Appliance has developed one of the most technologically advanced heat guns in the industry.

The Proheat® 1600 STC™ (STC) combines thermal-sensing capabilities with an industry grade heat gun.

Why is this heat gun so unique?

Certain applications in production environments and electronics manufacturing require a surface or object to reach a specific temperature.

Before the STC was developed, you needed two separate devices for that process: a heat gun and an infrared sensor.

A heat gun is relatively inexpensive, but an infrared sensor can cost a few thousand dollars. This two-in-one option is a cost-friendly solution for engineers.

For more information about this new heat gun, reach out to us at Sales@All-Spec.com.

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New Lower Pricing on Master Heat Guns

by Michael D. on June 24, 2013

Now you can shrink your budget while you shrink tubing by taking advantage of new lower pricing on the entire Master Appliance heat gun line.  Included are best-sellers like the Master-Mite® heat shrink gun system, the heavy-duty GT-70 industrial butane torch and the Proheat Varitemp heat gun with variable temperature settings.

All-Spec stocks over 70 different Master Appliance tools and accessories, making it easy to find what you need.  All products are available for same-day shipping.

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Metro ESD-Safe Upgrade Kit Promotion

Have you gotten a chance to check out our Metro ESD Upgrade Promotion yet? Until December 31st 2012 we are providing a free ESD-safe upgrade with the purchase of each eligible Metro shelving kit. Now you can easily ground your new Metro shelves without having to purchase any extra equipment!

This offer is available for both stationary and mobile shelves, giving you many different configurations for your ESD-safe work area. There are also some mobile carts that are eligible for this promotion!

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Master Appliance Butane Soldering IronIf you work on electronics but often find yourself in need of higher mobility then you may need a butane soldering iron. Traditional battery powered portable soldering irons can have trouble heating up fast enough, or maintaining a high temperature. Butane soldering irons can heat up fast, and stay hotter longer. Many butane soldering irons also have a butane torch or heat tool, giving it versatility over normal irons.

Available Features:

  • Many different models available, with a wide range of temperatures
  • Pen or pistol grip
  • Some pistol grip models come on stands for hands free operation
  • Self-igniting or regular models
  • Many shapes and sizes of soldering tips available


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(special thanks to Steinel for guest blogging the content below!)

STEINEL products were introduced to North America in 1983 by STEINEL America, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary whose mission is to provide the same high quality service STEINEL guarantees worldwide. Five years ago STEINEL celebrated 25 successful years in North America by offering spectacular year long promotions. After five years of consistent requests from the customer, STEINEL decided to bring the Silver Anniversary back for a limited time only.

Steinel Silver Anniversary Heat Gun Kit To rejuvenate the Silver Anniversary promotion, STEINEL is offering a Limited Edition Silver Anniversary Heat Gun Kit. The kit includes a state-of-the-art HL 2010E IntelliTempTM Heat Gun with LCD Display offering temperature selection in 10° F increments. Like all STEINEL electronic heat guns, the HL 2010E features electronic thermocouple control and our exclusive DuraThermTM heating element for maximum precision and reliability. It also includes STEINEL’s most popular heat tool accessories and limited edition silver anniversary case.

Each month we will be giving away a Silver Anniversary Gun Kit to one lucky winner . To learn more please visit our website at www.steinel.net or call (800) 852-4343.

All-Spec Industries is an authorized distributor of Steinel heat guns. Steinel uses cutting edge technology to provide electrical equipment manufacturers with quality and innovative products.