heel ground

GRD550R Heel Ground Design:

Today we are proud to announce that we have added a brand new heel ground to our website! The All-Spec GRD550R heel ground is designed to not only fit comfortably over your shoes, but also features bright, high visibility colors. The vibrantly colored heel cup and strap provide managers with easy verification of compliance even from a distance. Also, no one will be absent-mindedly going home with these heel grounds on their shoes, as the bright strap and cup are hard to miss. Non-marking rubber on the heel cup will prevent scuff marks on ESD-safe flooring. By using the GRD550R, you can now comfortably work in static sensitive areas and know that you will be constantly in contact with electrically grounded flooring.


  • Bright straps and heel cup allow managers to have easy verification of compliance
  • High visibility colors assist with loss prevention
  • Non-marking rubber used in heel cups prevent scuff marks
  • Conductive carbon fiber grounding strip comfortably connects heel strap to your skin to provide a path to the ground


  • 1 meg ohm resistor
  • 22” conductive carbon fiber grounding strip
  • Strap color: Neon green
  • Cup color: Bright yellow