hydro entangled polyester

(Exclusively from PurSwab!) PurSwab 3690

by Guest on January 11, 2012

(special thanks to PurSwab for guest blogging the content below!)

PurSwab 3690 Hydro entangled polyester fibers of the new PurSwab 3690 cleaning applicator from PurSwab® render it even softer and more absorbent than the well-known PurSwab 3677. Ultrasonically welded onto a flexible tip paddle handle, this applicator is low in NVR’s and is lint and residue free – as well as chemical resistant.

6” in length, it is a great tool for cleaning sensitive surfaces that are difficult to reach. The double-layer hydro entangled polyester tip provides superior absorbency with very low lint. The 3690 stands up to IPA, acetone and other solvents.

Use with confidence for all critical cleaning applications including coated optic surfaces when removing residues and particulates is especially important. Ideal device for surface testing and cleaning validation.

PurSwab Specialty Applicators All-Spec Industries is an authorized distributor of PurSwab, Puritan’s line of applicators for Critical Environments. Puritan has been a trusted US Manufacturer of single use products since 1919.