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Types of Swab Tips: Polyester

by Andy on August 20, 2012

Polyester Swabs

Polyester is one of the most common swab tip materials, but there are many types of polyester tips. In this article we are going to go into some of the different constructions of polyester swab tips.

Sealed Polyester Tipped Swabs

These swabs are specifically made to resist falling apart, greatly limiting the amount of lint and residue left behind. Like most polyester swabs, these tips resist many solvents. Sealed polyester tips also have a high absorbency and are perfect for tight tolerance work.

Knitted Polyester Tipped Swabs

Knitted polyester is a lint free material, often ultrasonically welded to the handle to reduce contamination. These tips are great for sensitive work in critical environments, including fiber optics.

Hydro Entangled Polyester Tipped Swabs

Similar to the knitted polyester, these tips are typically used on sensitive surfaces such as coated optics. Due to their soft, lint and residue free nature, they are also able to be used for surface sampling and cleaning validation.

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