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Just this past week, All-Spec Industries made American Beauty soldering tools available to its customers.

Products we added include soldering irons, soldering tips, soldering power units, solder pots and more.

American Beauty tools are designed to tackle difficult soldering tasks. Their Resistance Soldering Systems feature intense heat at the point of contact and their high output, heavy duty solder pots and irons are durable but also easy to maintain.

For those of you who already own an American Beauty tool, check back in the next couple weeks because we plan to add parts such as elements, heating cartridges and thermostats for your American Beauty soldering tools.

Facts About American Beauty Tools:

  • All American Beauty tools manufactured after July, 1 2006 are RoHS compliant
  • American Beauty soldering tools are manufactured by Assembly Technologies International, Inc.
  • To maximize the abilities of American Beauty soldering irons, each element is compression wound Ni-Chrome on steel wool
  • American Beauty’s line of Resistance Soldering Equipment is made up of over 20 different systems
  • Solder pots are lead-free compatible and include a dross skimmer

Here are a few of our latest additions:

American Beauty Industrial Grade Soldering Iron American Beauty 3178120-300 Industrial Grade Soldering Iron

With 300 Watts and a maximum tip temperature of 1000° F, this heavy duty soldering iron is capable of handling heavy electrical and sheet metal work.

American Beauty Resistance Soldering Power UnitAmerican Beauty 105A12 Resistance Soldering Power Unit

This fail-safe 250 Watt power unit can be customized by choosing the appropriate hand piece for your application. This unit also has infinite power settings.

American Beauty Industrial Solder Pot American Beauty 600 Industrial Solder Pot

The 600 solder pot features a 2-1/2 lb. capacity and a temperature range of 350°F – 850°F (176°C – 454°C). With 600 Watts, heating time of a full pot varies from 15 minutes to 25 minutes depending on the temperature.

Love watching videos? The American Beauty web site has a fairly extensive video library of product demonstrations.