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ION Systems is New to All-Spec Industries

by Andy on January 13, 2011

In order to expand our selection of ionizing equipment, All-Spec Industries is excited to welcome ION Systems to our line card. As a division of Illinois Tools Works Inc., ION Systems specializes in providing electrostatic solutions to a wide range of industries.

All-Spec has recently added bench top ionizers and ionizer air guns from ION Systems, popular for the self balancing IsoStat® technology that requires no calibration. These are a few of our newest additions:

ION Systems Ionizing Air Gun

ION Systems Air Force Ionizing Air Gun With Air Hose and Console

The ION Systems 91-6115-NXFMR ergonomic Ionizing Air Force Gun comes complete with a light touch trigger, flexible air hose and a console which can be mounted. This air gun also produces only a low audible noise.





ION Systems Ionizing BlowerION Systems Point of Use Ionizing Blower With LED Indicators

The ION Systems 91-6432E is a small ionizing blower used to control static charge in hard-to-reach areas and during process tool applications. This blower also has visual and remote alarm LED indicators.

Stay tuned for future product offerings from ION Systems!