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If you work with wire you’ve probably used a Klein Tools Katapult® automatic wire stripper — and wished you didn’t have to also use a separate cutter first.  The engineers at Klein have heard you and the new Katapult® lets you cut and strip in one smooth motion, reducing time and improving efficiency.

You still get all the great features that have made the Katapult a standard in everyone’s tool bag:

  • Easily cut and strip 8-22 AWG wire
  • Compound action lets you grip and strip with one squeezing motion
  • Precision machined stripping holes remove insulation with no wire damage
  • Strip up to 1” of the insulation layer (jacket layer) in a single step
  • Tension loaded wire-grip gently holds cable without changing cable geometry
  • Heavy-duty Ecoat finish and cast alloy chassis resists corrosion

If you’d like to add a comment please post one below.  For more information about the Klein Katapult® wire stripper please call Customer Service at (800) 537 0351


Vendor News Roundup-March 2012

by Andy on March 2, 2012

Check out below as we continue to keep up with some of our vendors who have up and coming news to announce!

PanaVise Logo

Panavise hosts a monthly contest on their Facebook page asking fans to post a photo of a creative project using a Panavise product for a chance to win a free prize. The December winner submitted his entry using his Panavise Model 315 and also posted a video to his blog.

K-Sun Logo

K-Sun is nominated for an award for their Green Machine in the New Equipment Digest’s King Award Competition. They are featured in the Packaging Equipment & Supplies category and online voting ends March 7.

Klein Logo

Klein Tools is conducting a Facebook Fan of the month contest each month dedicated to their loyal followers with the winner receiving a Klein Tools prize package.

Flir Logo Extech Logo

Flir / Extech have both also been nominated for the New Equipment Digest King Awards! FLIR is up for an award for their E60 Wi-Fi Infrared Camera while Extech is being recognized for the HDV640W Video Borescope/Inspection Camera with both being featured in the Controls & Instruments category.

Great job from All-Spec!


New Klein Tools Now at All-Spec

by Andy on December 15, 2010

Klein has been manufacturing professional hand tools for electricians, linemen and HVAC technicians since 1857. Though All-Spec Industries has been carrying Klein Tools for years, we have recently added several new Klein Tools products that we are stocking at great prices.

Our new products include items from the following categories: Cutters & Pliers, Drivers, Telecom & Datacom and Wire & Electrical Tools.

A few of our latest additions:

Klein K1412 Klein-Kurve Dual Non-Metallic Cable Stripper/Cutter

With a strong-gripping serrated nose, the Klein-Kurve makes it simple to bend, shape and pull wire. Get square, clean cuts on solid copper wire by using the precision shear-type blades, all while operating double-dipped comfort grips.

Klein 85484 Miniature Slotted and Phillips Screwdriver Set

This set comes with four screwdrivers with premium chrome-plated shafts to resist corrosion. The patented Tip-Ident® also quickly identifies the type of screwdriver and tip orientation.

Klein D502-6 Tongue and Groove Pump Pliers

This pair of tongue and groove pump pliers by Klein offers a secure design for a non-slip grip, even when applying heavy pressure. With an overall length of 6.5”, these pliers have a maximum jaw capacity of 7/8″.

Also be sure to check out a few videos on Klein’s YouTube Channel!


The 8 Safety Rules of Pliers

by Andy on September 29, 2010

Short Nose PliersAlthough you may use pliers on a regular basis, here’s a chance to brush up on your safety skills. As Klein Tools presents in their most recent catalog, the following points are of great importance when working with pliers:

1. Do not use pliers to do another tool’s job. We’re all probably guilty of using pliers as a hammer at some point, but doing so may lead to damaging your tools and your work, as well as potentially injuring yourself.

2. Never try to use pliers beyond their ability. Trying to bend stiff wire with light-duty pliers may spring or break them. Stronger, blunt nose pliers are more suitable for this task. Also, don’t exceed the length of the pliers’ handles. Larger pliers may be needed if the handles do not extend as far as the task calls for.

3. Do not expose pliers to excessive heat. Because pliers are sensitive to high heat, your tool may be destroyed if placed under direct flames.

4. Always cut at right angles, not side to side. By rocking the pliers from side to side when cutting wire or bending the wire against the cutting knives, you may dull or nick the cutting edges. If you have trouble cutting, try sharpening the knives or using pliers with greater leverage.

5. Be sure the type of pliers match the application. Unless your pliers are specifically designed to cut hardened wire, do not use ordinary pliers to do so.

ESD-Safe Pliers 6. Always protect your eyes before cutting wire or metal. Wearing approved eye wear such as goggles, a face mask, or another protective device is a must when using pliers for cutting wire.

7. Do not use pliers on live electrical circuits. Comfort grips or plastic-dipped handles are not designed to protect the user from electric shock. If there is a chance that the tool will touch an energized source, be sure to only use insulated tools.

8. Oil pliers to maintain life and value. You can lengthen the life of your tool by occasionally putting a drop of oil at the joint of the pliers. This will also allow for easy operation.

Do you need specific pliers for your activity? Check out our Electronics Pliers, ESD-Safe Electronics Pliers, Mechanical Pliers, and Locking Pliers.