Storage Cabinets for Your Flammable Liquids

by Andy on September 4, 2008

Lyon Flammable Liquid Cabinet

As a company Lyon is known for their lockers. Yes, Lyon supplies lockers for schools, gyms, offices, etc… I’m not sure lockers would do real well in All-Spec’s market but Lyon does have products that better suit our customer’s needs.

The Lyon flammable liquid cabinets are a first for All-Spec, we’ve never carried a cabinet specifically for flammable liquids. All Lyon flammable liquid cabinets are yellow so they stand out. The cabinets also come in a variety of sizes. The cabinet in the picture to the left is considered compact at a size of 18″ x 23-1/4″ x 35″. The largest available flammable liquid cabinet is 18″ x 43″ x 44″ plus there are several other sizes in between. Depending on the size, the cabinet will have either one or two shelves plus a 2″ leak proof pan on the bottom to catch accidental spills.

Other features of Lyon flammable liquid cabinets:

  • Conforms to NFPA Fire Code No. 30 and OSHA standards
  • Durable, heavy duty steel construction
  • Shelves made of heavy gauge galvanized steel
  • Key lock for safety
  • Dual vents
  • Zinc plated leveling legs
  • Replacement shelves available

We’ve also added Lyon Platinum Series cabinets in many sizes including mid-range, eye-level and desk-high to name a few. These cabinets are versatile for any storage or organizational needs. Plus the cabinets are 7-day quick ship.