Wiring Your Home Using The Magnepull

by Andy on March 30, 2009

Typically when you need to run wire it’s literally hit and miss.  You crawl up into your attic, drill a hole and fish the wire using a fish tape or fiberglass rod down the hole.  Then you crawl out of the attic and hope you find the wire without tearing out a wall.

A new product is about to change all that.  It’s the Magnepull Cable Retrieval System.  It uses two very powerful rare earth magnets allowing you to easily find your cable and run it through drywall.  The system can be used on most residential or commercial applications.

Some of the things the Magnepull System can do:

  • Pulls through insulation in seconds
  • Reduces cable fishing time by 70%
  • Eliminates wall damage
  • Allows for installations in confined spaces
  • Eliminates the need for a stud finder
  • Reduces time in attic during installation of cable and wire
  • Makes wire fishing a definable process

Using the MagnepullTo use the Magnepull first connect the leader rod with the chrome bullet-looking magnet to your wire.

Next, drill a hole about an inch wide through the head joist and drop the wire into the wall.

Then drag the roller magnet across the wall to find the leader magnet and drag the wire to it desired destination and voila, you’ve just completed your wire pull.  Nothing to it!

Here are a few videos that will take you step-by-step through the process of using the Magnepull.

Insulated Wall Drop with Drop Magnet

Metal Stud Wall Drop with Drop Magnet

Hollow Wall Drop with Drop Magnet

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