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Twelve Reasons to Consider a Mantis Stereo Microscope

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Sleek and Ergonomical

Original_Mantis_stereo-viewer-microscope_507How many of you have ever seen or used an eyepiece-less microscope like Vision Engineering’s Mantis? Ever wonder about the name–Mantis? Take a good look. What’s the head remind you of? A praying _____.  That, however is about as far as the comparison goes.The Mantis series of microscopes offer some of the sleekest and most ergonomically-designed visual inspection capabilities and comfort ever imagined. That’s not to say a praying mantis isn’t just as fascinating to look at, however, how the Mantis looks is just a small part of the picture.

Operator Comfort = Time and Money Savings

Mantis-Compact-inspection-microscope-Boom-12-507px_507The Mantis stereoscopic microscope may look like one eyepiece, yet it’s actually eyepiece-less. The operator’s eyes never touch the scope; ports for eyepieces do not exist.  Before, workers were always leaning over their microscopes and experienced constant eye fatigue.

Now, when using the Mantis, operators function in an entirely different way – because they can now sit comfortably and look straight ahead at their work. The impact goes way beyond operator comfort to include improved worker efficiency and accuracy, as well as saving owners time and money.

Twelve reasons the Mantis will make your operators, inspection customers and you, happy.


  1. Felt compelled to hunch over their scope to fit their eyes to the eyepieces
  2. Worried about not being able to wear their glasses
  3. Changed out eyepieces to fit different worker needs
  4. Encountered decreased hand-to-eye coordination when looking through lenses
  5. Experienced health-related absences due to poor body position and fatigue
  6. Missed having any ambient light available because of the need to keep eyes to the eyepieces—adding to eye strain.


Operators –
  1. Experienced less to no back strain; sitting up straight came naturally when viewing
  2. Swapped out places with other operators without having to switch eyepieces
  3. Noticed excellent hand-to-eye coordination; increased peripheral vision
  4. Inspected and detected solder faults with more accuracy and ease
  5. Appreciated the natural ambient light now available between their eyes and the screen
  6. Observed superb 3D images; more depth perception because the Mantis head can be moved around

All-Spec carries the entire line of Mantis stereo microscopes including the Mantis Compact, Mantis Elite and Mantis Elite Cam. Each series has been designed to address and solve your needs and those of your operators whether being used for inspections, performing manipulation tasks or documenting. See which one’s right for you.

Sale Reminder: Free Lens with Select Mantis Systems

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Vision Mantis MicroscopeDon’t forget to buy you’re Vision Mantis Microscope System by June 30,2013 to qualify for a free lens.


From now until June 30, 2013 you can get a free qualifying lens of your choice when you purchase a Mantis Elite or Mantis Compact system. Now you can start off with the objective lens that you need for your inspection or production environments at no extra cost to you!

If you have never seen a Mantis microscope before, then you should definitely check out our blog article explaining what makes them stand out from other microscopes. Mantis microscopes look very different from traditional microscopes, as they do not use traditional eyepieces. Head over to our “How do Mantis Microscopes Work?” blog to read all about them.

Have any questions or comments on this sale? Leave a comment below or call Customer Service at (800) 537-0351 today. Also, make sure you take advantage of this great sale before it goes away, you don’t want to miss it!

Product Spotlight – Mantis Microscope Accessories

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Mantis Microscope AccessoriesWhen ordering a Mantis microscope you should check out all of the accessories that you can get to tailor your system to your work area. All-Spec Industries stocks a wide variety of Mantis microscope accessories to fit your workplace needs.

Need higher magnification?

Not only do we offer the full line of Mantis microscope lenses, but we are also running an exclusive deal where you can get a free lens with the purchase of a Mantis Elite or Compact system. If you need multiple lenses or higher magnification, we stock lenses from 2X to 20X for use on Mantis systems.

Need a longer working distance?

Then take a look at the Mantis super long working distance lens. This 6X lens has double the working length of a typical 6X lens, allowing you to work on larger projects more comfortably.

Need more flexibility with your Mantis stand?

The MFlex secondary link extension makes the Mantis articulated arm or floor stand even longer. This is great for large workbenches or areas where two people share the same microscope. The MFlex extension gives you the maneuverability to pull out the microscope when needed, or push it to the side when not in use.

Need to replace old parts?

We also carry Mantis replacement parts, from lens covers to LED arrays. Check out our full line of accessories if you ever need to replace an old or lost part!

Have any more questions on Mantis microscope accessories? Leave a comment below or call Customer Service at (800) 537-0351 today!

How do Mantis Microscopes Work?

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Mantis Eyepieceless Stereo Microscope on Universal StandIf you have ever seen a picture of a Mantis microscope you can easily tell it is very different from traditional microscopes. It actually looks closer to a video microscope than a typical binocular scope. This is deceptive, as it has much more in common with binocular microscopes, but it can be hard to tell just from pictures.

When you look at a picture of a Mantis you can see what looks like a video screen. However, when you see it in person you can tell instantly that it is something different. Video microscopes rely on using a camera to take a video of your subject and then display it in 2-D. A Mantis microscope acts like an eyepieceless binocular scope, so when you look into the head you have an image projected for each eye, producing a full 3-D image.

I was able to try out one of the Mantis scopes myself, so I can tell you first hand that they are really cool. They are very ergonomic, as they allow your head to have a large range of motion, while not requiring you to keep your eyes directly on eyepieces. By just adjusting a knob to make the scope match the distance between my eyes and moving the Mantis head to bring it into focus I was able to see the subject in 3-D like any other stereoscopic microscope. It was rather easy to use, and really unique in how it worked.

It is difficult to fully describe how Mantis microscopes work without seeing them in person. Luckily, we are able to offer product demos, so you can try out a Mantis scope before you buy it. If you would like a demo for your company, call All-Spec customer service at (800) 537-0351 for more information!

Vendor Round Up – August 2012

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Here is what some of our vendors have been up to in the past month!

Worklon Superior Uniform Group



Superior Uniform Group, parent company of Worklon, has been recognized as a 2012 Top 50 company by APPAREL Magazine.  Superior Uniform Group is ranked 41.

Vision Engineering - Mantis




Vision Engineering’s award winning Mantis stereo microscope has sold more than 150,000 systems, since its launch over 18 years ago.

StaticWorx Grounded Solutions



Staticworx was named to the 2012 Inc. 500/5000 fast growing company list for the 3rd year in a row.




3M donates $170,000 worth of denibbing kits through the Collision Repair Education Foundation.