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A Heat Gun that Reads Surface Temperature

by Andy on December 31, 2014

Now you can have a heat gun that displays the temperature of the object you’re heating!

With its electronically integrated infrared sensor, Master Appliance has developed one of the most technologically advanced heat guns in the industry.

The Proheat® 1600 STC™ (STC) combines thermal-sensing capabilities with an industry grade heat gun.

Why is this heat gun so unique?

Certain applications in production environments and electronics manufacturing require a surface or object to reach a specific temperature.

Before the STC was developed, you needed two separate devices for that process: a heat gun and an infrared sensor.

A heat gun is relatively inexpensive, but an infrared sensor can cost a few thousand dollars. This two-in-one option is a cost-friendly solution for engineers.

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New Lower Pricing on Master Heat Guns

by Michael D. on June 24, 2013

Now you can shrink your budget while you shrink tubing by taking advantage of new lower pricing on the entire Master Appliance heat gun line.  Included are best-sellers like the Master-Mite® heat shrink gun system, the heavy-duty GT-70 industrial butane torch and the Proheat Varitemp heat gun with variable temperature settings.

All-Spec stocks over 70 different Master Appliance tools and accessories, making it easy to find what you need.  All products are available for same-day shipping.

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Master Appliance Butane Soldering IronIf you work on electronics but often find yourself in need of higher mobility then you may need a butane soldering iron. Traditional battery powered portable soldering irons can have trouble heating up fast enough, or maintaining a high temperature. Butane soldering irons can heat up fast, and stay hotter longer. Many butane soldering irons also have a butane torch or heat tool, giving it versatility over normal irons.

Available Features:

  • Many different models available, with a wide range of temperatures
  • Pen or pistol grip
  • Some pistol grip models come on stands for hands free operation
  • Self-igniting or regular models
  • Many shapes and sizes of soldering tips available


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Master Appliance Heat Shrink Gun The Master Appliance Master-Mite® 10008 heat shrink gun system is made for electrical bench work. An ESD-safe Master-Mite® 10012 heat shrink gun is also available for static sensitive areas.


Built to be compact and lightweight while still rugged, this heat gun performs bench top heating jobs without excess airflow. Both the regular and ESD-safe versions come complete with a bench stand and a heat shrink attachment. This heat gun can shrink tubing, melt solder performs, activate or cure adhesives and epoxies, and preheat flux, among many other uses.


  • Amperage: 4.5
  • Power 475 watt
  • Regular model 10008 maximum temperature: 650°F
  • ESD-safe model 10012 maximum temperature: 800°F
  • Voltage: 120V, 60Hz
  • Air flow: CFM 3.8 at 700 fpm


Brushed vs. Brushless Motors

by Andy on May 7, 2012

When looking at power tools one thing to note is the type of motor they use. If you are working in a sensitive environment or need a tool that lasts as long as possible, you may have been told to buy products with brushless motors, but do you know why? Here we will look into what it means for a motor to be brushed or brushless.

WBTS35P Torque Screwdriver Brushed and brushless motors are types of electronic motors, so they run off of electricity rather than a fuel like gasoline. Each motor uses permanent magnets and electromagnets. By putting power through the electromagnet, you can change its polarity. As the polarity changes, it is repelled from the constant polarity of the permanent magnet causing it to rotate.

The two parts of the motor that are most important are the stator (the stationary outside) and rotor (the part that rotates). Brushed motors have the permanent magnet on the stator and the electromagnet in the rotor. Brushless motors are the opposite, with permanent magnets on the rotor and electromagnets on the stator.

Why does switching where each magnet is change the properties of the motor? The main reason is due to the electromagnet rotating in the brushed motor. Because the electromagnet rotates, there has to be some way to connect the magnet to a power supply without having direct cables (which would twist and eventually break or stop the motor from running). This is where the brushes come in; two sets of charged brushes are placed on either side of the rotor, causing the polarity to flip as it rotates. Friction from the brushes not only slows down the motor as it runs, but can also cause sparks and debris.

With a brushless motor, you can have cords running to the stationary electromagnets. Instead of the polarity changing naturally as the rotor moves, you need a small computer controller to turn the electromagnets on and off. This makes the motor more precise, but also more expensive. Also there is very little physical contact with the rotor, greatly reducing friction on the moving parts, leading to higher efficiency and a long lasting motor. One downside to the brushless motor is that it can take more power to get it to start, but it often makes up that power later through its efficiency.

Overall, tools with brushless motors can be a great addition to your workplace. The initial monetary investment can make a huge difference as you do not need to replace parts as often and you can have more reliable tools. Also, brushless motors can reduce workplace contamination, as friction from the brushed motor can leave particles behind.

All-Spec Industries carries a number of tools with brushless motors, including Weller Torque Drivers, Master Appliance Heat Blowers, and Edsyn Fume Extractors. Place an order online at, or call our customer service at (800)537-0351 today!

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