Types of Threadlockers

by Andy on February 18, 2013

Liquid Threadlocker

This is your normal threadlocker, used for general purposes. There are a wide variety of liquid threadlockers in low, medium, and high strengths. This allows for a great versatility, whether you need to just prevent movement from vibration or a permanently affix a bolt to a hole.

Gel Threadlocker

Gels are used when you need to close a larger gap between the screw and the threads. This is especially helpful for larger screws, as it provides an even stronger bond than normal liquid threadlockers. It also helps prevent the dripping and mess associated with liquid threadlockers.

Stick Threadlocker

If you have a bolt that cannot have any liquid dripping off of it then a stick threadlocker may be best suited for your need. The stick threadlocker has the consistency of a wax-like semi-solid that is packaged like a traditional glue stick.

Tape Threadlocker

Tape threadlockers are another non-liquid alternative, and they provide a great bond in an easy to use substance. One extra benefit to tape threadlockers is that they only cure when confined between close fitting metal surfaces in the absence of air. This means you can apply them to your screws days before they are assembled, to streamline your assembly process.

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Product Spotlight: Permatex Threadlockers

by Andy on February 13, 2013

Permatex ThreadlockerPermatex threadlockers are designed to add strength to your bolts, studs, and screws. Great for moving parts or active machinery, these threadlockers form a seal to keep threads from loosening. This ensures a tight seal to lock against vibration loosening. All-Spec Industries carries a number of these threadlockers, in varying strengths and viscosities for a wide range of bolt sizes.


  • Available in low, medium, and high strengths
    • Low strength threadlockers primarily prevent movement from vibration, and can easily be removed with hand tools
    • Medium strength threadlockers provide more permanent locking power as well as prevention from vibration loosening, and can also be removed with hand tools
    • High strength threadlockers provide the strongest locking power, and can only be removed with heat and hand tools
    • Available in blue, green, purple, and red
    • Fixes in 20 minutes, fully cures in 24 hours
    • For use with fasteners as small as #2 up to 1” in diameter

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Loctite 49550 Instant AdhesiveToday’s article is the second in our Types of Adhesives series, now focusing on instant and pressure sensitive adhesives.

Instant adhesives are pretty straight forward and act as you would think from their name. These adhesives are used when you need short cure times to quickly bond two materials. To get a full cure you may need to wait up to 24 hours, but the fixture cure time can range from 90 seconds all the way down to 2 seconds depending on the material and adhesive. This allows you to affix two objects or materials quickly so that you can let them sit for a longer period by themselves for the full cure.

Pressure sensitive adhesives work in a very different way from instant adhesives. When using pressure sensitive adhesives you have to first apply it to one of the two surfaces that you want to join. Then you let the adhesive sit and it will start to become tacky and thicken. Once the adhesive dries and becomes tacky then you can press the second surface against the first, creating the bond. This makes pressure sensitive adhesives perfect for when you need to set up your adhesive to be assembled at a later point. Pressure sensitive adhesives also work on a wide variety of surfaces, giving you a wide range of use.

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Vendor News Roundup-May 2012

by Andy on May 18, 2012

We are continuing to stay up to date with our terrific vendors who have news to share! Check out below!

Flir Logo

FLIR is being nominated in the 2012 Product of the Year competition in Electrical Construction & Maintenance magazine for the Flir E60 Wi-Fi Infrared Camera! Voting ends May 25 and votes can be placed here.

Permatex Logo

Permatex is doing a Got a Minute? Giveaway. From now until June 8, enter to win a Permatex Prize Pack just by watching their Manic Mechanics Face Off video and receiving a promo code to complete your entry for their weekly drawing!

Brady Logo

Brady recently created a new visual workplace handbook that includes the best practices and new ways to use visuals. Check it out here!

Great job and keep up the good work!

-All Spec Industries


New Brands at All-Spec Industries

by Andy on October 16, 2009

In addition to launching our new website, we spent this summer adding a few new brands to our line card.

Devcon Logo As a division of ITW, Devcon manufactures a variety of adhesives and specialty chemicals. Some of their well-known products include the 5 Minute Epoxies, Plastic Welder and Flexane Urethane. With over 50 years in the market, Devcon has become a household name in the MRO and OEM industries.

Permatex Logo Also a part of ITW, Permatex is distributed worldwide and has been since 1909. They are most known for their threadlockers, the Right Stuff gasket maker and Fast Orange hand cleaner but they also offer instant adhesives, thread sealants and other premium chemical products.

Apex Logo As a trusted brand of Cooper Industries, Apex is known for their extensive selection of fastening tools. We currently carry a variety of drive sockets and a wide range of their 1/4” power and insert bits. Apex bits are recognized for their high quality and performance.

Geta Logo Geta is also a brand of Cooper Industries. Geta bits are an economy version of the Apex bits but still offer the same value you expect from Cooper Industries. We also stock over 30 Geta 1/4” hex drive bits.

Caig Laboratories Logo Caig Labs is most known for their DeoxIT line of contact cleaners but they also carry connector treatments, dusters, wipes and more. They’ve been around for more than 50 years and are used in a variety of industries including automotive, manufacturing, audio/video and any industry involved with electrical connectors.

Wearwell LogoWe’ve carried a small number of Wearwell part numbers for sometime, but this summer we really expanded our Wearwell product offerings. You can find Wearwell anti-fatigue floor mats, drainage mats and ESD-safe mats and floor runners. Most of the Wearwell mats ship in four days.

Armstrong Logo Armstrong is known for their industrial hand tools, more specifically, their torque tools. All their tools are made in the United States and have been for over 100 years. We stock a variety of their torque wrenches and torque limiting screwdrivers.

We are always working hard to expand our product offerings. We have plans in the near future to add Weller’s line of Zero-Smog fume extraction systems, Sunnex task lights, Simonds pneumatic hand tools and Showa Best Gloves.