PurSwab Specialty Applicators

by Andy on January 28, 2011

As an authorized distributor of PurSwab, All-Spec Industries carries a variety of swabs including general purpose cotton, foam tipped, lint free, chemical resistant and more. The video below features a close-up look of a varied sampling of the PurSwab swabs that All-Spec carries.

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As a division of Puritan Medical Products, PurSwab has been a trusted name for single use applicators since 1919. Be sure to check out All-Spec’s full selection of PurSwab swabs.


Puritan’s Green Initiative

by Andy on October 26, 2009

PurSwab Logo As environmental awareness continues to increase, both stateside and abroad, we like to give recognition to our vendors who go above and beyond the norm with environmentally conscious business practices. Today’s spotlight is on Puritan Medical Products, our manufacturer for PurSwab swabs.

Collaborating with organizations who promote sustainability and green initiatives such as GrowSmart Maine and Efficiency Maine, Puritan takes a bottom-up approach to protecting their natural assets locally. They choose to support wood harvesters and land owners who work with the following groups:

They are also working towards an FSC certification and an ISO 14001, an internationally recognized standard showing commitment to environmental standards and compliance with legislation.

Some other everyday green business practices include:

  • Encourage electronic ordering and payment options, reducing the need for the use of paper products
  • Use fluorescent and LED lighting, and wood waste boiler for heat to cut utility consumption
  • Recycle 100% of paper, corrugate material, glass, and metal waste
  • Packaging manufacturing facility runs on 100% renewable energy for all building heat, all hot water, and all process drying and steam conditioning
  • Purchased electricity is generated from ~10% renewable energy sources

This is just a sampling of all the steps Puritan is taking to become a greener company. Check out even more of their credentials!