Weller Tip Recycling Program

by Andy on September 8, 2008

Weller Soldering Tip Recycling ProgramEveryone and everything seems to be going green these days; from packaging and clothes to houses and communities, the future of the environment seems to be on everyone’s mind.

Weller, known world-wide for their soldering products, is no different. They have recently announced their tip recycling program.  I think this program is a great idea and it’s pretty easy. Just save the tips you are already throwing out to receive a voucher toward the purchase of new Weller soldering and desoldering tips.

Wondering how it works?

  • Obtain a tip recycling box from Weller or from All-Spec Industries
  • Collect two pounds of soldering tips and desoldering tiplets from any manufacturer
  • Send the box with all 2 pounds of soldering tips to:
    Cooper Tools
    1000 Lufkin Road
    Apex, NC 27539
  • Cooper Tools will recycle the tips and send you a numbered and dated voucher in the amount of $75
  • Use the one-time use voucher to purchase new Weller soldering tips at All-Spec Industries

The goal of this program is to protect the environment and conserve natural resources by recycling the iron and copper used to make the tips. Yes, the soldering tips collected by this recycling program are just a drop in the bucket but every little bit helps.

Of course recycling soldering tips isn’t the only way the electronics and manufacturing industry is going green. Switching to lead-free solder is another relatively easy way to protect the environment. Be sure to check out our extensive selection of lead-free solder and green workstation equipment.

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