Shoe Grounds

Last week we went over what grounding does and why you need it, so this week we will start to look into methods of grounding. We noted before that static can come from two objects rubbing together. One of the biggest factors in creating an ESD-safe workplace is stopping static from the object that often moves the most: the human body. By walking, sitting down, moving your arms, or any number of other activities your body can generate static, so it is important to use personal grounding equipment to discharge this energy safely.

Heel Ground Shoe Grounds

If you stand or walk around while working with static sensitive equipment then shoe grounds are essential. These devices wrap around your shoes and create a path to ground from your body through the ground strap to the ground. However, in order for these to work properly you must have conductive or dissipative flooring and you must wear a shoe ground on each shoe. When you are walking one foot is off the ground a lot, so you need a continuous path through each shoe. Shoe grounds come in many styles, including heel grounds, toe grounds, and full sole grounds.

Wrist Strap Wrist Straps

When working at a desk shoe grounds are not as effective since your feet are not always touching a grounded surface and are often hanging from your chair or on a footrest. In this instance wrist straps are used to ground the operator, as they provide a constant ground path. Wrist straps can be plugged into an ESD-safe mat, as well as other ground points. Workstation monitors are one such ground, which have the added benefit of testing your equipment and notifying you if any part of your system fails. You can find workstation monitors that just test wrist straps or both wrist straps and ESD-safe mats at the same time.

That is all for this week, make sure to check in next Monday for more information on grounding your workstation!

Getting Rid of Charges Part 1


ESD-Safe Sole GrounderFor those of you who need ESD protection while standing or walking for extended hours on the job, All-Spec Industries has the solution for you. The Ergo-Stat™ ES-7000 ESD-safe sole grounder by Static Solutions is like portable matting for the wearer and greatly reduces worker’s fatigue while providing consistent ESD protection when walking. It comes equipped with a removable 1 mega ohm resister and an 18” conductive ribbon.

As an eco-friendly option, the Ergo-Stat™ uses up to 90% less material and produces less waste when the mat needs to be replaced. In addition, the Ergo-Stat™ shoe grounders are a lower cost option to ESD-safe matting and decreases both cleaning and maintenance.

Available in sizes small to x-large, this table will help you to decide which sole cover is the best fit.




Small Ergo-Stat
Men: 6-7
Women: 7-8
Small Ergo-Stat
Men: 5-6
Women: 6-7
Medium Ergo-Stat
Men: 8-10
Women: 9-11
Medium Ergo-Stat
Men: 7-9
Women: 8-10
Large Ergo-Stat
Men: 11-13
Women: 12-13
Large Ergo-Stat
Men: 10-12
Women: 11-13
X-Large Ergo-Stat
Men: 14-16
Women: N/A
X-Large Ergo-Stat
Men: 13-15
Women: N/A

Static Solutions Ergo-Stat™ sole grounders can be used in industries such as manufacturing, clean room, pharmaceutical, defense, munitions, medical, quality control.

For more information on personal grounding products please give customer service a call at 1-800-537-0351 or email us at